Update on Rumour: Bell to release the LTE Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9?


  • Mattymo

    There is no competition between the big three. All the LTE plans will be overpriced and similar across the board.

    • Mark

      In the early going anyway that is absolutely correct because of the still limited supply of LTE devides. The competition will be seen when LTE starts to push down device prices and plans for 3g tech.

      If I was buying today, I’d much rather have 3g plus a healthy bump in data limits at the same price than a battery hungry LTE device. But LTE will be very interesting in a year or two.

    • aka

      The race to the bottom pricing is no way to run a viable business and negatively impacts the industry and shareholder returns. At most you’ll see direct competition in which they will match each others promotions.

      Unlike the government, running a deficit is not an option in the private sector.

  • Preacher

    thanks to my 3 year contract, i dont care who comes out with it first, as long as they all have it in 3 years ill be fine

  • Lucas


  • EmperumanV

    Hmm not bad news.

  • Skrutor

    Ahh bell. If your customer service dept could pull it’s head out of it’s rear, and if you actually had reasonable data plans for phones and Internet, I’d consider switching. Might even be enticed to get satellite again. Your push for high end mobile is a step in the right direction.

    • emc


      I’ll tell you, I’ve been getting much better customer service from Bell these days then I ever got from Telus. There was a day when Telus was good and yes Bell was really bad but for me anyhow, things have changed. I have two smartphones with Bell on voice and data plans for only $45 including call display. Telus won’t even try to match it. They’re charging $55 and call display is extra. Just my experiences of late.

  • Qbie

    Not sure what I would think about that if I just bought the Galaxy S2 on Bell and they come out within a couple of months with an LTE version…

  • stephan

    I have another upgrade due in November so my sgs2 will serve well until that comes lol.. and even if they don’t get the lye version it doesn’t matter to me because I have unlimited data so… and this next nexus device will be my next device.

  • ELNY

    I don’t understand the philosophy of these companies? Do they not realize that all they have to do to keep us happy is to reduce their monthly prices by $5-$10 and features like call display by $2? A simple reduction like that will net them a huge amount of happy subscribers and in turn, money. Now with LTE around the corner, they will charge even more and keep that service as a PREMIUM for early adopters. Totally unfair for a network that is tiny, that’s as if Wind or Moblicity charged a premium to be on their network. Clearly the.marketing teams are i****s.

    • Jake

      @ELNY If you owned a company, and sold X product, and your competition offers the same X product and completely reduced the price, would you not also reduce the price to stay relevant in the market? Or would you ( which it clearly seems you would) just keep your prices high and loose out on a huge market share because your competition is offering X at a lower cost? It makes sense (although I do not agree with their tactics sometimes) for the big 3 to follow suit when their competition offers something different, after all they are all out to make money( who isn’t?) and do not want to miss out on possible growth

    • aka


      You, my friend, is the very definition of ignorant. If they include CalleID, guess what will happen when everyone is used to the idea? Cheap people like you will ask for more, and more, and more. What’s next? Free Data?

      Your comment about 8 million subscribers is misleading. Rogers is the only one that broke 9 million subscribers a few months ago, Bell has approximately 7.2 million, Telus has just broken 7 million mark this year.

      When you are trying to compare Canada to the US, you fail miserably to understand the size and scale of their market. #3 is Sprint with over 51 million subscribers, and #4 is T-Mobile with approximately 39 million subscribers. #1 & #2 is Verizon and AT&T, both of which serves over 100 million subscribers. According to my math, even #4 T-Mobile has more subscribers than all of the Big3 combined!

      To put that into perspective, the top two carriers based on subscriber size only has to make 9 cents for every $1 that Rogers makes to bring in equivalent revenue. Did they not teach you “Population Density” in high school?

  • crunch204

    @ELNY well with the big3 having over 8 million subscribers, some would say the marketing teams are not i****s lol…

    • ELNY

      Of course they have over 8 million subscribers, we ONLY have 3 major companies to choose from, an Oligopoly. On top of that, they don’t compete against each other, they just set prices and they all follow. In the USA, they only have 4 yet they furiously compete against each other, with one offering something better than the other.

  • Big Daddy Data

    Unfortunately from a device perspective BELL has already paid for exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and not it’s LTE counterpart. This is why Rogers and TELUS couldn’t release the Galaxy S 2 upon initial launch as BELL locked it up. TELUS has the Hercules on it’s way and Rogers has repaid the favour by getting exclusivity on the Galaxy S 2 LTE and will probably do the same with the upcoming HTC LTE smartphone also. This strategy will make it hard for “BELLUS” to launch LTE smartphone hardware in the early stages as their are only a handfull of device manufacturers presently supporting LTE. I believe Motorola will be the saving grace for BELL and TELUS as they both have strong ties with Motorola. With all that said I definitely know what my next smartphone purchase will be. Galaxy S 2 LTE all the way!!!

  • stephan john

    My main concern will be that Roggers will not subsidize the phone with a normal 3G data plan. Roggers being Roggers, I have a feeling they are going to do something like to get the full subsidization, you need to sign for a LTE contract.

    Cuz’ lets face it, they already said it is going to cost more than a normal phone, Not many people will buy it contract free.

  • jb


    • aka

      type in CAPS much? make you look like a screaming lunatic.

  • catharsis

    I recently called to cancel my Bell data plan, accidentlly used 970kb of data and was charged $49.80 for the ‘priviledge’. I called to ask why the charge was so high and was informed that bells pay-per-use data fee is $51.20 per megabyte.

    $51.20, per megabyte… F**k Bell and everyone that smells like them.

  • Denwa

    All three are evil. Typically though, one of the three will shine a little brighter for a bit then get greedy and drop to the bottom again allowing one of the other tow to resurface as the “nice” guy again.

    My contract with rogers expires in 3 days and I’m really at a loss to decide which of the cell providers to switch two. Rogers signal out west is horrible, they have pretty old phones and plans suck.

    Bell (I used to hate them) has been offering 6gb data with there $65 fab10 plan and free long distance. Pretty much telus’s student plan but with LD instead of VM. (Thus the reason telus is now offering their student plan to anyone).

    Probably should sign up to one or the other before the promo ends as the plans will likely suck again soon.