Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G at $599.99


  • choy

    No word on 3-year pricing?

  • ronny from jersey shore

    Wow I can’t wait to get this and pay an arm and leg every month.

    I’m not a troll but come on atleast make the “supposed” prices reasonable even if it is LTE. In the states you will probably get unlimited plans for the same prices as leaked as before, if not probably lower.

    • Quagmire


  • Sean

    Nope the big 2 in the states got rid of unlimited data… hopefully they keep the no contract price good around that of the wifi version

  • t

    Rogers’ pricing is Phuc-dup. A tablet is $600 and a smartphone is also $600.

    • bob

      Both of them have pretty much the same components. The tablet has a larger display and battery.

  • Benyx

    16go or 32go.. ?

    • choy

      Definitely its the 16GB. The wifi only version is $499. So the extra $100 is for the cellular network capability.

    • Jim R

      What a pity that an iPhone does not cost $100 more than a iPod Touch (as the major difference between the 2 is the cell network capability). Could it be that Apple is making a ****ing killing on iPhones?

  • Biden Bidden

    PlayBook is better

  • rick whitley

    Very good price. There are so few 3G (4G) android tablets. Don’t know why Samsung seem like almost the only one selling them.