SaskTel to launch LTE network “fall of 2012”


  • Connor

    That’s awesome. I wonder if TELUS will piggy back off it like they do with the current hspa network.

  • SaskMan

    How about they get their existing “4G” network congestion issues worked out first?

    50k/s when I can see the tower out my front window, maybe 2-3km away in a small (6000 people) “city” is just sad. (and it’s not my device, as I get 700k/s in an even smaller center, where I work)

    • Brendon

      You must have a shitty phone, I use a galaxy s (original) and get constant 4Mb/s down and 2 up

    • SaskMan

      There is a difference between megabits and kilobytes. Megabits are base 10, whereas Kilobytes are base 2. 1 megabit is not 1 megabyte. 1 Megabit download is about 97.6 Kilobytes a second download speed.

      The Galaxy S(I also have one) maxes out at 7 megabits per second. This equals out to roughly 900 kilobytes/second in real download speed.

      So if you are only getting 4 megabits per second, thats just over half of what your phone is capable of.

      I get 6 megabits per second at work, and 0.61 megabits per second at home download.

      So I reiterate: Sasktels network is overloaded, and should be cleaned up before they worry about LTE. There are thousands of us that just bought “4G” phones, that won’t be due for an upgrade until 2013 – they need to take care of us too.

  • Usama

    So you changed your pic, but still nothing impressive. I have a sasktel account and it sucks

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs up if you think Alex Perrier gets the most thumbs down posts

  • MovieMan87

    I have the S2 thought sasktel and I have had no issues with d/l speeds. Im downloading torrents at a steady 600 kb/s

    • SaskMan

      Considering your phone is capable of up to 1.79mb/s, 600k is pretty sad.

    • MovieMan87

      well my home internet is capable og 50/mbs but i rarely see over 2 or 3. So 600 is pretty damn impressive for a phone! You seem like your one of the those people where nothing is ever good enough.

    • SaskMan

      Please see my above post explaining the difference between megabits and mega/kilobytes. 50 megabit internet has a max download speed of 6400 kilobytes a second, or 6.25 megabytes per second.

  • Gaison

    i usually get between 3 and 4 Mbps download speed, also unlimited data plus tethering for $60/month is hard to beat.

  • Anon

    It’s entertaining to see SaskMan commenting on how the network is overloaded and then seeing the comment from MovieMan87 about downloading torrents over the same network.

    I wonder if the two are somehow related.

  • Paul Q

    I live in Saskatoon and the network is so shitty that I can’t even get service in all parts of!

    Hopefully, like was said earlier, they fix this s**t. A fast and unreliable network is still worse than cdma.

    • Roger That

      I agree. My kids are 3 and 4th yr University students. Our family had been with Rogers from the time they came into Saskatchewan. (Cantel before that)My kids were always wanting to switch to Sasktel. So this last fall when Sasktel had a promotion on!!! I cancelled 5 phones with Rogers and swung over to SaskTel. I wished they would have told me there was no service before I cancelled the Rogers conracts! Great service for me out in the country, BUT my kids have almost 0 (ZERO) service in Saskatoon. They live in a basement suite,and it really does suck! Sasktel lent them a booster to try. That works if you are within 3 feet of the booster! The service within the University Buildings is very weak. Not impressed at all. Sasktel sucks, if only Rogers had rural service like in Alberta…. I’d be back!

  • MovieMan87

    You guys can complain all you want. If you dislike ut so much go to rogers abd try nit having any service at all, anywhere.

    • Ryan

      Simply saying to go somewhere else because the service is no better is an awful argument. SaskTel touts this as the best most reliable network and advertises speeds up to 21 Mbps. I can assure you I have never seen those numbers. Your argument would suggest that we don’t pay for this service to perform as advertised. I dont mind paying for something that works well, but this new network is pure crap. It had potential at the start but they cant seem to get it fixed. I keep getting told that they are working on it. I sense a mess up and that is why they are pushing forward to get the LTE up and running.

      I also find this network is an outdoor network with horrible indoor penetration. Most times I cant make a call at all, and it is not my phone. My family has 3 iphones and 2 phones running the android platform and they are equally frustrated. Dont get me started on dropping calls as it is the worst I have ever seen. I am jealous of my brother in laws blackberry still running on the CDMA network. When our phones arent working you can guarantee his is. I spoke with SaskTel tech regarding this and even they admit that the network is having a lot of congestion because they didn’t anticipate this many early adopters. They also said because it operates at a different frequency it does not go through walls as well. That is one area that wont get better. So it will continue to be an outdoor network because you know, we have summer 12 months of the year and none of us live in or work in buildings.

      We live in a province where most of us expect and work towards excellence. Suggesting we suck it up and quit complaining is accepting mediocracy. That might work well for you but not for me. When i am on a business call that could net my business a large contract and my phone keeps dropping calls it is embarrassing. So i will not quit complaining.

  • Nbar

    Like it or not, Sasktel’s network is overloaded in certain areas and they know it. It’s getting worse as customer’s contracts run out on the cdma network and assimilate into the HSPA network. Weyburn’s network tower was so bad it was next to impossible to make a call after 5:00pm. Internet access was non existent. They recently added the 1900mhz band and it has helped for voice but data still sucks.

    Being that they are a crown, my assumption is their hands are tied because of the government. They’ve gutted the crowns and gov agencies, this crown corp is no exception.

  • Whoever

    Sasktel is so far behind time they tell bs they say 99.9’percent of places will have service or will b covered what a crock of bull we have been complaining for the last 5 years thats,like trying to get juice out of a rock the should gave up or they should have given up 10 years ago then they send text messages out they are going to slow u down have I got some news they can’t slow it down any more than it is from the start cause next slower is reverse if they aren’t in reverse as is they shud forget about it ind let Telus take over