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MobileSyrup’s Nerd Gift Guide [2023 Edition]

For some, nerd is a negative term. For me, it’s my identity. I’m a very proud, self-declared nerd. I love technology, and I know there are many readers out there who do, too. A few years ago, my friends and family complained about how hard it was to shop for me.

My response was to provide them with a shared note with gifts that I’d really like but wouldn’t buy for myself. Look no further if you’re like those close to me who have difficulty shopping for the nerd in your life.

I’ve got you covered with ten awesome gifts to give to the nerd in your life this holiday season.

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  • Coloured 1-foot CAT 6 Ethernet Cables

    A common frustration for individuals who manage home networks with a lot of hubs and connected accessories is that they don’t know which cable feeds into which device. One black ethernet cable looks like every other black ethernet cable. I recommend gifting this nifty five-pack of one-foot ethernet cables. The pack includes a blue, black, white, green, and red cable so your home’s network nerd can colour-code the connected device for each cable.

  • Cortex Sidekick Notepad

    Technology is amazing—without a doubt. Regardless, some nerds still enjoy the physicality of paper, especially for task tracking and daily planning. The Cortex Sidekick Notepad is designed for desk workers. The twelve-by-seven-inch notepad has 60 pages of Munken Lynx paper. It features a cover made of recycled coffee cups. It’s a premium notepad handmade in the United Kingdom that sits perfectly on the side of any desk. The design is intentional for productivity, with a date section in the top left, a dotted grid covering three-quarters of the page, and a task checklist on the right featuring half circles for those tasks that get partially completed!

    Cotton Bureau
  • Desk Treadmill

    One of the best life hacks is buying a desk treadmill. Also, sometimes called a walking pad, these miniaturized treadmills are intended to be used with standing and adjustable desks where the user can take a brisk walk while responding to emails or maybe even writing this article. When not in use, desk treadmills are easy to stash away. I place mine under my desk against the wall. During a time when we are all trying to find opportunities to be healthier during our ever-increasingly busy lives, desk treadmills are a great way to get some extra steps in while getting some light work done.

  • Lego Bonsai Tree

    Everyone feels a little more at peace when looking at a bonsai tree, don't they? Despite all my friends telling me how amazing plants are -- I don’t seem to have much of a green thumb. What plant never wilts while also serving as an excellent conversation starter? Lego plants. Of all the Lego plants I’ve built, the bonsai tree is my favourite. No need for watering. No need to repot it. Just enjoy the build and change the leaves with the seasons. The Lego bonsai set is 878 pieces, takes an evening to build, and makes for an admirable display piece.

    Amazon LEGO
  • Nerd-Squared Shirt

    This entire gift guide is about spoiling the nerd in your life, so why not brand them with a t-shirt? This t-shirt is surprisingly nice for its price point, making it a decent stocking stuffer or add-on gift. This nerd-squared shirt is black with green text and has sizes ranging from small to triple XL.

  • Rotating Flat Extension Cable

    It can be incredibly frustrating to want to utilize a power outlet behind a piece of furniture. You plug in a power brick, only to need two to four inches of room with the cables plugged into it. Save yourself the frustration with this rotating flat extension cable. This extension cable is only a foot long and sits nicely between the wall and furniture. The extension cable head can move 360 degrees to conveniently face the optimal direction.

  • Rug Pad Grippers

    Yes, you read the title correctly: rug pad grippers. Weird, I know. But stay with me here. Many nerds, computer professionals, and people who spend much time at desks have desk mats. The challenge is those mats often move around and shift out of place. MobileSyrup’s editor-in-chief and I talked about this exact situation. I said I used the grippy half of velcro, while he mentioned he bought some carpet grippers—and I love the idea! Help prevent moving desk mats by giving this very thoughtful gift.

  • SanDisk External SSD

    Nerds are always in need of more storage. The go-to for additional storage used to be external hard drives, and for some things, they still are. However, SSDs continue to fall in price, meaning consumers can get fast, durable storage for not a whole lot of money. SSDs or Solid State Drives have no moving parts. This is unlike an HDD or Hard Disk Drive, which has a spinning platter with an internal arm that reads and writes data. SSDs allow faster read and write speeds while more resilient to drops and travel. This SanDisk 1TB external SSD offers transfer speeds up to 1050 Mbps via USB 3.2 and is IP65 water and dust-resistant. Regardless of whether the person who’ll use this drive needs an external backup or some extra storage for their video footage, this drive will get the job done.

  • UGREEN Accessories Bag

    We all carry too many cables, adapters, and power bricks. Don’t allow those close to you to be a monster and have their cables sitting loosely in their bag! No, no. You’re a kind, civilized human being and gifted them a UGREEN accessories bag in either black or grey. I picked out this particular accessory bag because of its hard shell and water resistance that protects the items inside. Plus, it’s compact and easy to pack, being 12.9 cm deep, 7.2 cm tall, and 20.3 mm wide. The UGREEN accessories bag has room for a power brick, external battery pack, cables, adapters, and more.

  • Zip Ties

    Okay, don’t laugh at this one. Zip-ties are a nerd’s best friend -- I’m serious. Have you ever walked into a room and thought, “Wow, those cables are a mess.” Hopefully, you have because I have many times. Cable managing is a nerd’s favourite pastime. There is something satisfying every time you see well-organized cables. For less than $17, you can order over 700 zip-ties in either black or white. Zip-ties are pretty inexpensive, so they make for a great stocking stuffer. While ordering these zip ties, consider throwing in a cable wire cutter, cable clips with adhesive, and velcro. Why not throw in a bin to store it all, too? Combined, you’ll be gifting a cable management super kit.