The UGreen 300W portable battery is perfect for camping

48,000 mAh is a great battery size for a few days away from an outlet

I’ve been hunting for the perfect battery to use for 3-5 day camping trips and the latest brick from UGreen is pretty much perfect.

There isn’t a lot you need from a battery, but over the years UGreen has been able to learn from its extensive product line to really hone down what people will use when travelling, and they’ve added it to this new power pack.

Right from the get go it’s a 48,000 mah battery, which means you can charge MacBooks, iPads and most importantly, your phone over and over again. For modern iPhones you should be able to get 10.5 charges out of this battery, according to UGreen, and in my testing that adds up. However, when it comes to devices with a larger battery like a 15-inch MacBook Air, you’ll get a little more than a single charge from the battery.

That all said, When camping I really only charge my phone, maybe my watch and maybe a speaker or iPad, which this battery can handle perfectly. UGreen also says it should hold its max charge for a long time and should go down 80 percent battery capacity after 3,000 charges.

As you’ve likely noticed in the photos there’s a really nice matte display on the front to show reamaining battery life and the input/output wattage. For charging it can take a max input of 140-watts which tops up the unit in about an hour and a half. In terms of output power it can supply 200-watts, but split across multiple ports. There is a USB-C port that can output 140-watts, but the other two only do 100-watts. The USB-A ports are rated to do 22.5-watts.

On the side there’s also a small light strip that’s bright enough to light up a small area, but it doesn’t replace an purpose built lantern. That said, it comes in handy when you’re trying to plug things in when it’s dark out.

Overall, its a pretty compact charging brick for its wattage and I’ve had really great experiences with it so far. There is even a little handle on the top that make it easy to tote around if you’re charging your phone. Another small thing that I like about it is how stable it is. I have another battery that I bought last summer that has a similar power rating, but it’s a longer rectangle so you need to lay it on its side to make it feel stable. It’s a small thing, but when it comes to use,  the UGreen option has a smarter design that’s more approachable.

You can buy the the power bank on Amazon.ca. It’s price is 199 USD (roughly $271 CAD) however it’s currently out of stock.

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