Images: Upcoming Rogers LTE Samsung Galaxy S II



    Oh Baby… about time. Here’s hoping a Mango release on this hardware will be on it’s way too…

    • Andy

      Mango? I thought this was an Android device?

    • P0NDER0SA

      Yes… but there should be a WP7 Mango phone on this hardware (or similar hardware) on it’s way as well. I’m just hoping it comes to Rogers sooner rather than later. I love both Android and WP7 (which I just got 2 weeks ago). Be nice to see a kick a*s variant of both.

    • P0NDER0SA

      Hmm… lets try this another way then. I hope Samsung never releases a WP7 Mango version of this phone!

  • Brendon

    Samsung knows how to make a sexy phone

    • Andouo

      I think Sharp should enter the North American Cell Phone ring, I think they make sick keitais especially the flip phone android… that was simultaneously sexy and the beast ^.^

  • Sean

    There is supposed to be a WP7 version of the galaxy S II

    Also they will have to rip my $30 for 6gb plan from my cold dead hands…

    • bob

      Just like the Focus was the WP7 SGS1?
      Don’t forget the Focus had a previous-gen SoC and came out about 6 months later.

    • P0NDER0SA

      Kinda what I was getting at above, it’s been strongly rumored to exist — and if they release the phones like they did the Focus and others last time, they should all be available to us in the next few months, which means we’d get them around the same time. But that’s just me hoping…

      I’m currently on a focus, just switched from a Captivate with Cyangogen Mod 7 on it, just to try something new. I like it… I like both of them, real nice phones.

  • stephan yogarajah

    Woow, a different price point? This thing is going to be hella expensive, typical rogers. I was really looking forward to the GS2, it better nOt be that expensive.

  • ELNY

    I feel bad for the people that left Rogers to go to Bell.

    • daguy

      I left Rogers for Bell (Virgin actually) and I don’t regret it one bit. In western Canada (at least) the Bell/Telus network has better coverage, faster data speeds, and a cheaper plan. You think I’m bothered by a phone with a slightly faster clock speed and super expensive LTE data plan when I don’t even live in city with LTE coverage? Not even a little.

    • gunstar

      Ha ha! Bell/Virgin has strong signal under the 3rd floor basement and even top of the mountains. Rogers/Fido fail insid e the basement and over the hills.

      Bell is on par with South Korea when it comes to network spped and coverage.

  • Inhert

    Can you buy this phone without LTE? (I’m in Montreal) or you must use the LTE services for those phones to work?

    • Sean

      I’d assume if you buy on contract you will have to get LTE but if you don’t i assume you can continue using your current plan

    • Nigel

      Yes, this phone will work on the rogers system without being in a LTE area. I live in Alberta and I am already accepted on the reserve a device list for this phone. I am around 450 on the waiting list for this INCREDIBLE phone. Cant wait to replace this 3gs I have.

  • Tom

    The GS II is clearly an awesome phone, but few of us really have any need for LTE.

    For Rogers, LTE will just be an excuse to keep charging us way too much.

    I’d give up all the LTE’s, and HSPA+’s, just to find a phone company that didn’t turn pricing and contracts into a complicated game that not even their own people can understand. A game in which their customers always lose.

    • phoneguy

      @ Tom…ever heard of Public Mobile 🙂

  • Stefan

    Is a GS II with different specs still a GS II? Regardless, I love these 4.5” phones, keep them coming!

  • John Smith

    4.5 inch screen!!! I know I dont think for everyone but thy seems to big.

    • andy c

      to power the dual core cpu and the LTE radio will require a larger battery.

      larger battery = larger handset = larger screen size.

      unless you only need your phone powered on for 4 hours/day

  • David

    does this have a slideout qwerty keyboard?

    • Crackhead

      You must be on crack, like me.

  • halfasleep

    If you guys don’t like to wait for updates then you should wait for the Nexus prime that will come sometime in October. You’ll always be first to get updates.

    • Deli

      I wouldn’t bank on ‘first to get upgrade” cause i remembered how long the Nexus One took to get to Gingerbread. XDA is faster.

  • Rohan

    Why do the photos above have 4 keys on the bottom compared to the Rogers photo of 3?

  • Rocco rumpalli

    About time too bad I picked this phone up on bell. But still on rogers plan for now. I have to compare speeds on the new network to see where I stand.

  • David

    are u sure it doesn’t have 1.5 dual core?

  • Dipol

    So lemme see;
    Same processor as the one Bell has.
    Bigger screen though, 4.5, do I like it? NO
    LTE, high speed, can I afford it? NO
    Thanks So much Robbers.

    • D

      I want my toy and I want it NOW!

  • bob

    I wonder if the phone also supports the 700 MHz band for LTE. The international version reportedly have a 800/1800/2600 MHz LTE radio.
    Tri-band HSPA+ is a bit weird since the original SGS2 is quad-band. However the new radio might change this.
    1.2 GHz is probably a mistake. Most sites report 1.5 GHz.

  • Wayne

    Glad I have the Bell version. The metal band around the edges is nicer looking than this all plastic version. Just my opinion. Other than that good for Rogers peeps to get this awesome phone.

  • Alex

    Paying more for an LTE phone when there’s no LTE coverage anywhere apart from Ottawa? Kinda reminds me of when they released 4G on Sprint and had a 10$/month surcharge even in places not covered by it. Hopefully data plans will follow the evolution of data speeds….

  • Alex

    oops, just read that they’re expanding to TO. Let’s hope they do so for the rest of Canada soon as well

  • leobg

    I guess we should forget about popping in existing Rogers SIM card in it and use it with existing plans. If so – I’ll pass HSPA+ is fast enough for me, plus that squarish huge screen doesn’t appeal much to me. I prefer to see 16:9 ratio qHD one or 1280×720 one like the rumored Nexus Prime. 800×480 at 4.5 inch – phone is way too wide for my taste.

    • mushy_eyes

      Wait… why can’t we use our own SIM card and existing plan with this phone?

    • tilo

      Firstly, you have no idea how the prime looks. For all you know it could look similar to this. Secondly, I fail how to see how 1280×720 is qHD. Could you tell me?

  • trey

    This or the nexus prime?

  • EmperumanV

    I hope the Nexus Prime will be an LTE device and at least it’ll have Android 2.4

  • EmperumanV

    Oops I meant Android 4.0 sorry. My bad.

  • Danny G

    Will places with LTE be the only rogers customers able to get this phone? I don’t live in a LTE area but I’ve been waiting for the SGS2.

  • skrutor

    Wow. They just rebadged a Samsung Hercules and called it a Galaxy S2. I was expecting a better screen, but the only thing this has going for it is the bigger battery. Maybe now I’ll just wait till iphone 5 comes out, sell it, and buy a Nexus Prime.

  • RiverCitySlim

    I would really like this phone or the Nexus Prime. I hope they are usable with the HSPA network and plans as I think the LTE prices will keep me away. Besides, Manitoba will probably get LTE sometime around 2021.

  • RC

    Rogers says the phone is available for reservation. What it fails to mentioned (until the last step in the process) is the $40 reservation fee! That seems a ridiculous amount to pay just for the right to buy the phone on Day 1! Isn’t it Company’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate stock to meet customers’ demand?

    • Rocco Stiff Reddi

      fee?? have them waive it.. I did.

    • rnewton01

      the $40 fee is credited back to your account after purchase or cancellation of the reservation.

  • Aj


  • Kolton

    Does this have a gyroscope?

  • Eli

    It’s a great phone no doubt. But, considering it’s release date and that Tegra 3 phones are on their way Q1-Q2 2012, I’m thinking it’s probably worth holding onto my 3GS a bit longer. Unless Rogers offered some incredible deal over the Xmas time.

  • Joseph Gubbels

    It appears that the hump at the bottom is missing, which means that this device will be thicker than the international/Bell version.

  • where are the phones Telus?

    Seriously, what is happening with Telus? Their service is great but they are way behind the pack in the superphone market.

  • m1ndtr1p

    Wow… That thing is huge…

    I’m gonna pass on the SGSII and stick with my Atrix until something better (and smaller) is released… The 4.5″ screen is just way too big for a smartphone, especially with only a 480×800 resolution. Why do manufacturers insist on using 4.3″+ screens? Some of us like smaller but powerful phones, 4″ is just about the perfect screen size for smartphones.

  • Koni

    I thought that the processor has been upgraded to 1.5GHz in the LTE version, but we will see once it comes out. Any larger screen than the 4.5″ would probably be too big for a smartphone. I would worry about battery life, but otherwise it is probably nice to have such a large screen, especially since most of us use the phone mostly for other things than talking…

  • Jer

    Is this a different variant from the AT&T, Sprint & T-mobile versions. Or is this the same as one of those three?

  • Matt

    1.2 Duel core… Wonder if that is an error? I thought the LTE version was 1.5 duel core…

  • Andy

    That is rocket stick pricing.

  • Fraggle Rock

    If that’s rocket stick pricing, any idea as to how much for Rogers smartphone LTE? I’m hoping significantly less…though not expecting it.

  • Alex Davies

    I got an answer from my Rogers contacts about the phones HSPA compatibility, and availability outside Toronto/Ottawa.

    This phone can use both LTE SIM’s and regular SIM’s. If you are not in an LTE market, or just want to use the phone only on HSPA, you can buy it & use a regular Rogers SIM for regular data. It will be sold everywhere in Canada,and I guess will be marketed as LTE ready in other cities. With a LTE SIM is will automatically switch between networks depending on your coverage.

    I still think that the phone will have a premium price because it is LTE capable, even if you are just using it on the regular network.

  • jaydee

    Can anyone confirm if it is the 1.5 GHz version or 1.2 GHz?

  • Nigel

    Keep up with the times man. lol. It’s been updated.

    AWS for connectivity on the Rogers LTE network
    Tri-band HSPA+/Quad-band EDGE for connectivity on the Rogers 4G HSPA+ network and international roaming
    Dual-core 1.5 GHz processor
    4.5” WVGA Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen (480×800)
    Android 2.3 operating system
    1GB RAM; 16GB internal memory
    8MP rear camera with flash, 2MP front facing camera

  • Christoper

    Can somebody help me to fix my samsung s2 lte firmware upgrade encountered an isue