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MobileSyrup’s Apple Accessory Gift Guide [2023 Edition]

Tis’ the season for gift guides! With Black Friday deals around the corner and the holidays not far away, you’ll want to identify the presents you need to buy to ensure you beat the crowds and save a few bucks. Now, if you’re anything like the countless spouses and parents who walk into the Apple Store looking for a gift for the Apple user in their life, MobileSyrup has got you covered. It’s time to shop until you drop.

Here are 12 gifts for that Apple user in your life!

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  • Activity Award Magnet Pins

    Do you have someone in your life who’s always closing their Apple Watch activity rings and achieving monthly challenges? Look no further than Activity Awards as a gift for them. Activity Awards is run by a guy from Ontario, Canada, who created these pins in a pursuit to have something more tangible upon completing an activity challenge.

    All awards feature a beautiful colour scheme and magnetic back instead of a traditional metal pin. The strong magnets on the back of each pin make them excellent magnet board magnets in an office or studio. A single pin starts at 15.17 CAD or 10.99 USD. I recommend purchasing a handful for free shipping with orders over 68.99 CAD (50 USD). Activity Awards also has a fabulous 2023 Monthly Award set for 136.61 CAD (99.99 USD).

    Activity Awards
  • Aqara G4 Video Doorbell

    Aqara’s Video Doorbell was a dream come true when it appeared on the market. This doorbell can be wired or battery-operated and delivers 1080p full HD video. While the G4 Video Doorbell supports recording video to a local SD card, network storage, and the company’s cloud storage, what I love most is that it supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video.

    In short, HomeKit Secure Video is an iCloud+ feature that has a HomePod or Apple TV securely encrypt recorded video footage locally before sending it to Apple’s servers for storage. This means that only you and not Apple or anyone else can access your video footage. The Aqara G4 Video Doorbell is the only battery-powered doorbell that also supports HomeKit Secure Video that I could find, making it an excellent choice for homes without a doorbell or with doorbell wires that lack enough electrical output for a smart doorbell.

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  • Aqara U100 Smart Lock with Apple Home Key

    One more HomeKit accessory is the Aqara U100, one of the most feature-rich smart locks at an unbeatable price point. Authentication methods include Apple Home Key support, a fingerprint reader, a keypad for a passcode, a physical key, and remote control via the Aqara app or the Apple Home app.

    If the battery dies before being replaced, you can use a physical key or connect a USB-C cable via a port on the bottom to deliver power. The key slot is hidden behind a sliding door to help improve aesthetics and deter potential lock pickers. On top of all those features, the Aqara U100 has excellent battery life and can last up to eight months on four AA batteries.

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  • Belkin 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger

    I’ve shared how much I love my Belkin 3-in-1 MagSafe chargers many times through previous articles and gift guides. They’re really great. If you or someone in your life has an iPhone, Apple Watch, and wirelessly chargeable AirPods, it’s a no-brainer to replace cables with a single charging station.

    Belkin makes two 3-in-1 MagSafe chargers I like to recommend and give to family: a charging tree and a flat pad. Both charging stations are effectively identical, feature-wise, except if you’d like your iPhone to charge flat on the table or vertically. With iOS 17 adding StandBy mode to iPhones, I believe the tree style is even more valuable.

    Both chargers feature full 15W charging via MagSafe, unlike the 7.5W provided by non-Apple approved chargers and Apple Watch fast charging, which can charge an Apple Watch Series 7 or newer from 0 to 80% within 45 minutes.

    3-in-1 Pad 3-in-1 Tree
  • Cables

    Compliment those fast-charging power bricks with a nice USB-C to USB-C or Lightning cable. We can never have enough cables, let alone long, durable, braided ones. I can safely say that I’ll be gifting many cables to my family this holiday season so I can recycle the crumbing knock-off ones they bought behind my back. When giving a new cable, consider looking for a colour they love and ensure it’s from a reputable brand with MFi-certified cables. UGREEN sells a great USB-C cable for $19.99 and USB-C to Lightning cable for $21.99 that I’ll giving this holiday.

    USB-C Lightning
  • Find My Wallet Tracker

    If the person in your life is constantly losing their non-MagSafe wallet, consider gifting them a Find My wallet tracker. I explain Apple’s Find My network in my piece titled Apple’s AirTag: The good, the bad, and the Apple logo. The short of it is that Apple’s Find My network allows Apple devices and supported third-party accessories to report their location using encrypted low-energy Bluetooth signals when near other Apple devices.

    AirTags are the most popular product that uses Apple’s Find My network. However, AirTags don’t sit in wallets all too well. Eufy, Atuvos, and Chipolo all offer a thin credit card-sized tracker that can be placed into any wallet and report back its last known location using Apple’s Find My network. Chipolo is likely the most well-known in the space. They were the first to have a credit card-shaped Find My tracker on the market. Personally, I’ve been using Eufy’s simply due to price point, and I’ve used Atuvos’s other Find My products in the past.

    The ATUVOS Wallet Tracker Card is the most affordable at $36.99 on Amazon. The eufy Security SmartTrack Card is $3 more at $39.99. The Chipolo Card Spot is the most expensive at $48.

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    Eufy ATUVOS Chipolo
  • FineWoven MagSafe Wallet

    This past September, Apple replaced all their leather products with a fabric material called FineWoven. While the FineWoven cases have not been overly well received, the FineWoven Apple Watch bands and MagSafe Wallets seem to be regarded much better. Apple’s FineWoven Wallet fits three cards and magnetically attaches to any MagSafe-compatible iPhone.

    These wallets also support Find My, which sends a notification to the attached device once the wallet disconnects with its last connected location. The FineWoven Wallet is available on Amazon in Black, Evergreen, Mulberry, Blue, and Taupe.

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  • GRID Frames

    GRID Studio has to be one of the coolest companies I have ever come across. GRID is famous for its framed deconstructions of Apple devices. Personally, I own eight of them and counting. They’re my primary wall decoration. In addition to deconstructed Apple devices, GRID has framed deconstructed game consoles and controllers from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft and mobile devices from Motorola, Google, Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry.

    All GRID frames are made of nice black wood and feature small written details of the internal components exploded across a white background. GRID also has Apple-themed enamel pin sets and Apple processors encased in glass displays. The company’s product line offers a decently wide range of price points. Regarding uniqueness and coolness, GRID Studio has got you covered.

    GRID products range from $55.19 to $964.72 so there’s quite a range to choose from.

    GRID Studio
  • Mac Keyboard Coasters

    These Mac keyboard coasters from Etsy make for a stylish but discrete way for a person to showcase their love for Apple devices. These coasters are handmade from laser-cut wood in the United Kingdom, creating a truly beautiful product. I’ve been impressed with the quality of these coasters and how well they’ve held up over the last few months, including never staining.

    A set includes six coasters with control, option, tab, delete, fn, and command cut into one each. The Command coaster has the addition of the command icon cut into the top right corner. The set is also shipped in a lovely black box.

  • MagSafe Battery Pack

    Initially, I was skeptical about having a MagSafe battery pack. While on a work trip, I decided to pop by the local Apple Store and pick up the company’s now-discontinued MagSafe battery pack. My concern was that the battery wouldn’t have much use upon my return home. Boy, have I been wrong. I’ve long been disappointed with my iPhone 14 and 15 Pro battery.

    I never realized how often I needed to top up my phone’s battery until I just started to reach for my MagSafe battery. It’s so convenient whenever my battery hits 20% to grab my MagSafe battery pack and connect it to my iPhone like a little backpack to get the extra power I need to get through the day without ever stopping to plug in my phone.

    Two great options to give this holiday season are ESG and Anker. Both batteries are 10,000 mAh, meaning someone will get one to two chargers depending on their device’s size and energy consumption. They also offer 7.5W wireless or 20W wired charging via the built-in USB-C port. The Anker battery has the addition of some LED indicator lights for the battery’s charge and a stand to prop your iPhone up.

    ESG's MagSafe battery pack is $60.99 while Ankers is a little more experience at $99.99.

    ESG Anker
  • Magnetic iPad Pro Stand

    The world is more convenient with magnets. Does the person in your life have an iPad Air (4th generation), iPad Pro 11”, or iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd generation or above)? If so, consider gifting them a magnetic stand this holiday season. The purpose of the stand is pretty simple: the iPad magnetically attaches, making it easy to place and remove.

    FUGEST offers a foldable stand in Space Grey. It’s made of aluminum, can rotate 360 degrees, and folds to various angles to support any activity. FUGEST’s stand retails for $76.99 on Amazon. For $129.99, you can gift another superb option—a desk-mounted iPad stand with a foldable and adjustable arm. The desk-mounted iPad stand is from a brand called KU XIU.

  • Power Bricks

    Recently, I wrote a piece on fast charging your Apple device. So, if you want to grab a stocking stuffer or an extra gift, order a multi-port fast-charging power brick. I’ve scattered UGREEN power bricks around my house to charge my various devices.

    Consider gifting a dual port 45W charger to fast charge an iPhone and iPad for $43.99. For 86.99 there’s a mid-range 100W option with three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. Alternatively, scale it up to a massive 300W power brick to fast charge a MacBook Pro and a host of other devices between the four USB-C and single USB-A ports for $369.99. Plus, there’s a stellar range of options in between!

    All of UGREEN’s power bricks are made of a nice quality grey aluminum.

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    45W 100W 300W