Confirmed: Rogers launching LTE Samsung Galaxy S II, plus LTE network in Toronto goes live September 28th


  • phoneguy

    That means Bell is next then Public Mobile will simply switch from there g-band frequency to LTE and bye wind/mobi!!! HAHA!!!

    • Justin

      Public doesn’t have the spectrum to support an LTE network with data.

    • bob

      Public has spectrum in the 1900 MHz band. Nothing special about this band, it could support LTE just fine. I doubt they deploy LTE anytime soon however…

  • Justin

    Those rate plans are a ripoff.. To be expected with Rogers though =\.

    • Sean

      When i upgrade to LTE they better let me keep 6gb for $30 i am not paying more then my current bill just for data if they try and force me into that pricing i’m going to be going elsewhere

    • Rogers_Chris

      Hi all, this is Chris from Rogers. Our Flex Rate plans are for LTE mobile Internet devices. We haven’t announced plans for handsets like the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE Smartphone. We’ll have more information closer to the device launch.

      Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

  • Kenypowa

    I was excited before realizing Robbers managers to live up to its reputation. $45 for 1.5GB, are you freaking kidding me?

  • JMason

    Yay, Torontonians will now be able to use their full month of bandwidth allowance in 1.3 – 8 minutes (at theoretical max speed). Who wouldn’t want to pay $45 – $90 a month for such stunning value?

    Seriously what is the point of LTE with those bw caps?

    • Ken

      Why spout garbage? Faster speeds does not mean you will use more data!! I went from a 6mb/s to a 14mb/s connection for my home internet needs and guess what, I don’t use more data I just get what I want faster.

  • robot-shmobot

    Can you get the same amount of enjoyment from 1.5GB of quickly delivered wireless data packets as you can from a high end two-four of beer? It’s also expected that you wouldn’t be able to buy *just* the data, so you’ll have to strap on an equally expensive voice plan. Of course, that doesn’t come with text messaging, or voicemail, or call display, so feel free to tack those on too. What a megabittin’ rip off.

  • Rich

    kk Rogers just officially won over all carriers (not in pricing though).
    Galaxy S2 LTE triple backwards compatible — LTE / HSPA / GSM.

  • Abe

    im just excited they confirmed the LTE Galaxy S2! fist day buy for me.

  • JF

    Thanks to all you dummies that switched to Bell for the Galaxy s2. I@IOTS!!!

    • Lance W

      Well anyone who switches carriers just for a phone is an i***t, period.

  • phoneguy

    omg to anyone on here that has never sold a cell phone stfu u have no idea what your talking about…do some research u tools…u will see PM bought enough spectrum to support 19 million customers thats 2/3 of canada thats pretty good on top of that they opened up on the G-band frequency to switch to LTE easily..READ before you open your mouth like u have a clue as to what your talking about!

  • David

    wow that’s expensive data, not sure they will get many takers at that price

  • snaapz

    These speeds are insane; I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. 70mps up??!!

    Hmph; yea yea the prices are too high for the average user; for now. I’m sure this is just a start up price and it will decrease & cap go up as time moves along.

    Imagine if 400,000 users jumped onto the LTE network right away! Ka-Boom

    Thumbs up for Galaxy S2 on LTE.

  • XER

    Another Rogers first… ripping off customers!
    Pricing? 3 year term and upfront 599.99!

  • Vinay

    The S2 hopefully should come out by October if it backwards compatible. Plus waiting on a new nexus is probably not a good idea here in Canada.

  • monsterduc1000

    I can’t wait to see the 1/10th actual speeds of downloading/uploading!!!

  • Drew

    Worst data pricing I’ve ever seen. They’ve priced it worse than HSPA. That makes no sense to me at all.

  • TheTruthWillSetYouFree!

    It’s about time! The LTE SGS2 is a Day one buy for me! According to the rumors that are circulating the internet, it’s got a 1.5 ghz dualcore, a 4.5 inch screen, and larger battery, amoung other upgrades to the regular SGS2. Personally, I hope they bump up the screen resolution as well. Now, has anyone read any rumors about LTE HTC device??

  • r0ot5

    Wow, nice ripoff on the data price, it’s nice to see the SG2 with LTE but again the average customer won’t pay that much for data…. I’m happy with my SG2 on bell and at 30$/6GB its even better…

  • jaydee

    How much with the LTE Galaxy S2 cost with no contract? Will it be $600 like the existing version?

    I’m not in an LTE area so I’d have to run it with LTE disabled but the other specs on the LTE version seem appealing (1.5 GHz, 4.5″ screen, NFC chip, 1850 mAh battery, etc.) but I don’t want to pay a hardware premium for LTE if I can’t use it.

  • EmperumanV

    Expensive rate plans. Typical of Rogers, err Robbers.

  • Graham J

    Rogers: The future of expensive

  • Dave

    Forget the LTE, its Galaxy S 2 time baby! Hells yah!

  • phoneguy

    i love how u complain about robbers being a ripoff but then I say PM is getting LTE with the lowest unlimited rates in north america and you guys still arent happy…cant please em all

  • zico

    quick question, since rogers is using 1700mhz for their LTE network, does that mean their handsets will work on wind/mobi? Since LTE is a GSM standard.

    Would SGSII LTE, for example, be a 850/1700/1900 phone or a 850/1900 umts + 1700LTE?

    • ColdAssassin

      Yes if they support 1700mhz then it will work on Mobi and Wind when you unlock it. The Lg Optimus 3d that rogers has also supports 1700mhz.

    • crimsona

      If the phone only supports LTE on the 1700 mhz spectrum, it will not work on Wind/Mobilicity. You need to support HSPA on 1700 mhz for it to work

  • replytothisnews

    phoneguy, really?
    ROGERS has lowest “unlimited” rate? wow, first time i hear that.
    Is it april fool? 😀

    • kratos

      he was talking about public mobile.

  • monsterduc1000

    Might as well wait for the nexus prime. All the sgs2 lte goodies but unlocked, higher resolution screen and faster updates.

  • makesense

    rogers just was the first to release. It’s the same company building at all of their LTE. The big three clearly don’t give a crap about wind/mobi and especially public because they keep on charging double what these guys charge (in my case)

  • Jay

    Wow, what a effing rip off!! No wonder theyre called Robbers.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    150Mbps…yeah right.

  • Andy

    Everyone, chill the f’ out. These are rocket stick plans.

  • maattp

    I think I’d much rather have a 6 gb HSPA plan than a 1.5 GB LTE one. HSPA pulls down 6 mbps easily, why do you need faster than that on a phone? You won’t see any browsing improvements as smartphones can’t even render that quickly.

  • MAitch

    With the release of this LTE Samsung Galaxy SII, does this mean that if I do not live in Toronto that this phone would be no good to me? Could I still purchase the SII from Rogers and use it in my rural area? I have been waiting for this day to come but now I am still wondering if I can purchase the SII from Rogers or not??? Confused.

    • Rogers_Kelly

      Hi Maitch,

      The Samsung Galaxy S II can be used on both the HSPA+ and LTE networks however an LTE SIM card and an LTE plan will be required if you wish to use it on LTE. As the device can be used on both networks, anyone can take advantage of the reservation system and reserve a unit.


  • MAitch

    I am not in an LTE area. Will the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII LTE be any good to me??? Could I still purchase it when it is released with Rogers this Fall and use it in my rural area? I have been waiting for this day to come but now am still confused?!?! Help! Thanks!

  • andy c


    if i bought a LTE phone outright and put a rogers sim card in it that had a regular data plan is rogers doing something on there end to filter out which plans/accounts get LTE access?

  • choy

    Great network, poor customer service and relations. This won’t keep me with Rogers.

  • Jalin2

    My sgs2 already have battery issues..couple that with LTE then I suspect the phone will run out of juice in a quarter of a day while at the same time having to take out a loan just to pay for that data plan

  • Brian

    There’s no such thing as LTE. its all just a scam by big 3 to raise prices and to rip people off. just like before Rogers had high speed internet, then rogers began throttling customers data speed. and then telling people if you want high speed then pay an extra fee and we won’t throttle you

  • colin

    Samsung S II is a very cool device. BUT, is the eminent release of Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) devices not going to push o/s 2.3 (gingerbread) devices quickly down the obsolescence chain?

    Will the s II be upgradeable to the new os?

  • Nikki

    wow, everyone needs to stop freaking out, those prices are for the mobile usb data sticks, not for phones. it’s obvi gonna be less than that.

  • Denwa

    I wish rogers would fix there existing network before adding higher speeds in urban centers. live in West Kelowna and can barely get service!

  • marck

    Bring it on to manitoba plz. Time to upgrade!

  • Over the barrel

    Yet another Roger’s ripoff… the consumer gouging continues…

    … only you can make it stop …

  • Over the barrel

    Another ripoff!

  • sailorjeff

    guess they missed the Galaxy 2 s date of Sept28

    anyone know if this is for real


  • travelling john

    I want this phone. When can I have it?

  • Dave

    I realize this phone is availible without the LTE plans, but am I not going to get promotional pricing unless I get an LTE plan? If I just renew my data plan for another 3 years and not use the LTE network will I still get the promotional pricing? I can’t get a confirmed answer through customer service except reserve one and find out… Thanks… that helps… lol

  • Jon

    Hope this helps…

    Treat any LTE devices as though they were regular smartphones. You don’t need an LTE plan to get subsidized pricing on an LTE phone.

    You just don’t get access to the LTE network unless you have a plan, a phone and a sim card that supports it. Without all three, you can’t access the network.

    If you have the phone, the sim card and chose to activate on a regular plan, it still acts as a speedy 4g phone. Just no access to LTE network. Promo pricing still works on regular plans tho.

    Hope this helps

  • chucky

    Oct 30, and still no Galaxy S2 in Rogers.

    Rogers should explain when this phone is coming and why it’s being delayed so much. The iPhone4 S is out and has been selling for weeks, but no Galaxy S2 for months and months? This doesn’t many any sense.

    I may just switch to Telus in couple of days.

  • Tim

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE with the data plan from Rogers. I am able to delete emails from my phone but not able to delete these emails from my home computer at the same time ? I have Bell Sympatico. Any ideas ?