Here are all of Windows 11’s key features

There's a refreshed look and several new features to look forward to

Windows 11 has finally been officially revealed and it looks pretty outstanding, but only time will tell if it improves on Windows 10 in meaningful ways.

The new OS version features a refreshed design that includes a centred Taskbar and rounded corners. Beyond that, Microsoft Teams is becoming a staple of the operating system, and gamers with PCI gen 4 compatible parts can expect awesome gaming performance.

There is also a new widget panel that slides over from the left-hand side to give users a fun place to store quick-access tools. Adding even more productivity features, users can also get access to an enhanced version of the window snapping tool. In Windows 11, you can quickly and neatly organize two, three or four apps at once.

Below is a round-up of all our coverage focused on Windows 11:

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