Google Fi advertisement showcases possible upcoming Pixel design

Images from a Google Fi advertisement showcase a placeholder smartphone that could be a possible future design for a Pixel handset.

The image that appears includes a design with small bezels, a light pink power button and volume rocker. There’s no selfie camera in this illustration, but in one image, there’s a G in the top right corner in the same location as the Pixel 4a. 

It’s also plausible that this upcoming Pixel features an under-display selfie camera, but it will likely be many years before Google releases a device with an in-screen,front-facing camera.

It’s possible this design is based on the Pixel 4a. That said, rumours indicate that the phone doesn’t feature a pink power button.

In the end, this is likely just a placeholder image and doesn’t relate to an actual smartphone.

Similar to previous years, the Pixel 5 will likely release in October, whereas the Pixel 4a could launch as early as next week.

Image credit: Slashleaks 

Source: Slashleaks 

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