Second leak points to Pixel 5 featuring Snapdragon 765 processor

This isn't a flagship processor, but that might be ok

A new leak from Android Police’s David Ruddock claims that Google Pixel 5 will come with 5G and the not-exactly-flagship level Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 chipset. 

Leaks regarding two Google phones with the codenames ‘Redfin’ and ‘Bramble’ that feature the Snapdragon 765 and 5G, have been circulating since January. Initially, theories circulated indicating that Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone was set to feature the much better processor, when compared to the 3a.


Now, as we get closer to the release of the Pixel 4a, we’re pretty sure it’s using the Snapdragon 730, leading people to believe that the 765-equipped phone will likely be the Pixel 5. A separate report from XDA Developers citing code found in the developer preview of Android 11, backs this up as well.

There are a few ways to look at Google’s next flagship smartphone featuring a Snapdragon 765. For starters, this might be a smart move on Googe’s part since the 765 is a very capable chip that is cost-effective. This may allow Google to keep the phone’s price at roughly $1,000 CAD while still adding 5G connectivity.

Other flagship manufacturers seem to be taking similar routes. Both the LG Velvet and the Motorola Moto Edge use the same Chipset. It’s also rumoured that the next phone from OnePlus, potentially called the OnePlus Z, will also be packing a 765.

You can learn more about the Snapdragon 765 on Qualcomm’s website. The chip maker’s high-end mid-range processor features better camera performance and voice control detection, giving Google a good base platform to build the Pixel 5 on.

Hopefully,  it has enough power to keep the phone feeling fast and fluid as it stands against heavy competition from Samsung, Apple and the other smartphone manufacturers.

Source: David Ruddock (@RDRv3)