HTC will release a wearable device this year


  • Rich

    Not sure these smartwatches will be much of a hit until Apple creates the market for it.
    People can make comparable if not better products, but no one has the hype train behind it like Apple.

    • Scazza

      Sad but true.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    instead of bloating the market with yet another wearable device, HTC should improve on their great phones to add micro sd support and replaceable batteries

    • prince

      No thanks…i rather not carry couple extra batteries or sd cards in my bags.

      And you are a perfect example of ppl who are always aiming backwards for innovation. Instead of forcing companies to innovate and bring something new…are you asking for them to add older technologies in their new devices. Micro SD card?? are you serious? You should be asking for 64gb standard with 128gb as an option and also ask for easier and faster file transfer options. ex: automaticaly map a drive wirelessly to the phone when you are home. that is innovation. Instead of replaceable batteries you should ask for battery with 3 to 4 years lifespan, instant charging (plug and done), and atleast 24 hours video playing or web browsing capabilities.

      Stop being that frog…the one that lives in the well. Get your fat a*s out.

    • Ryan

      “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
      -Henry Ford

    • WatDah

      Yes and thank you. Finally someone the right mind. I couldn’t agree more with the SD cards. Why ask for such tidious things when it is the default memory space that should be increased? Especially when the tech world is pushing for cloud services.