NYT: Samsung will announce the Galaxy S5 this month, will have ‘a better camera and a higher-performance processor’


  • silver_arrow

    Better camera and a faster processor than last years version! Next thing you’ll be telling me the sky is blue…

    Really every year it gets “better” but it is always one step at a time.

    • Justin CNS

      lets say you were the head of samsung, what would you do? Exact same thing as them = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Garrett Cooper

      They stole, I mean learned that from the king of “one feature/step” at a time… Apple!

  • Matt514

    It’ll have “a better camera and a higher-performance processor”? Impressive.

    That’s stellar groundbreaking reporting by the NYT.

    What’s next? “BREAKING NEWS! New Galaxy S5 able to make calls.”

  • Rich

    Processing power on most of these phones is soo far above the capabilities of the OS / apps — there really isn’t much of a point.

    • Bri

      But they still HAVE to. Just to show that on paper and people will think this is a good thing and make the purchase.

  • ehndrew

    if better camera = more MP than i will not be upgrading from my s3..also they really need to take a chill pill in the software department

    • JellyBeanssss

      There are reports it will be a 20 MP camera

  • Rhettimus

    How about a week battery life? Oh wait nope, no OEM offers practicality. >.<

  • nixxonexxo

    Nice hardware specs but with the garbage bloatware, the whole out of the box experience of the phone goes down the drain. Bummer!

  • ThatPhoneGuy

    If it’s just another “update” I’ll hang on to my Nexus 4.

    • Bri

      Same with me. Plus, $800 outright price is a turn off.

    • Garrett Cooper

      That was my plan until the Nexus 4 met the concrete floor of my parking garage :(. Rocking a Sony ZL until this first wave of 2014 devices come out and then I’ll decide what I want.

      Side note: I haven’t had a Sony phone the old w8101/910i/etc days. The ZL, albeit big, it a pretty damn good phone. I miss my Nexus 4, but I’m enjoying the change.

    • Bri

      I bought Xperia Z just last night.
      Play with it for a couple of hours and I’m loving the way it looks although it is somewhat too big. The sharp edges hurt my hand so now a big fan of that. And most importantly, I’m a little disappointed with the washed out display and the viewing angle is worse than I thought. But the Timescape UI looks somewhat cool.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I believe the ZL had an upgraded screen over the Z, I think that was one of the changes. I haven’t used a Z but the ZL is square as well but the edges don’t bother me too much.

    • Bri

      As far as I know the two devices have identical display. The edges are more rounded for ZL and the phone’s actually slightly slimmer than the Z so it must feel more comfortable holding the ZL. But I do love the way the Z looks over ZL so I can’t complain. I just don’t know whether I should keep my Nexus 4 or switch to Xperia Z. First world problem…

    • Garrett Cooper

      You’re right, the screens are the same, the physical footprint is smaller. I think the Z looks nicer, but I’d rather have the slimmer size. If it wasn’t for shattering the screen of my N4 I’d still be using that, I think it’s a better phone IMO.

    • Bri Bru

      I see.. maybe I will resell my Z. Nexus 4 is definitely a great phone. Btw, how’s the battery life of the ZL? compared to Nexus 4?

    • Garrett Cooper

      Battery life is similar, but that was with my N4 having the brightness maxed opposed to using auto on the ZL. I have a feeling if I maxed the ZL, it would be worse but I don’t know that for sure.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I don’t need a better camera, I just need a better camera app and features.

  • Bri

    Samsung lacks innovation. They actually try but all their new functionality/features on their devices feel odd and useless. Not to mention their outdated UI…

  • Kienerman

    Whatever they decided to do i really hope they start improving their Android update faster. It took them forever to do 4.3 now we’re all still waiting for 4.4. They should do a better job. Honestly you can give me the best hardware and design but it’s the operating system that also important as well especially if there’s bugs if you fall behind on that what good is the phone?

  • grilled

    Wow. nobody here knows anything remotely close to what goes into a SW development and are talking as if everything is done with a click. sigh.

  • Zed

    Honestly, they are great devices, but for the life of me I could never choose a Samsung over the HTCs I owned (mostly due to better aesthetics, albeit less power). I consider myself, or at least I used to be, a spec w***e, but in this day and age specs are on a plateau. Unless I see double or triple battery life with some 64-128gb flash storage + water proofing and dust proofing (props Sony), it’s still a polished release of last year’s product.

  • MXH070

    WOW didn’t see that coming….. A better camera and a faster processor, I see the R&d department pulled out all the stops on this galaxy upgrade. Cutting edge innovation at its finest from Samsung.