Update: Winner announced in our Win a Moto G Valentine’s Day contest


  • Arcsvibe

    Hmmm chocolates 🙂

  • no

    pls chocolates

  • Marco Bairos


  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    What a delicious prize pack

  • andrew

    Without a doubt, it is love at first sight.

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    Not gonna lie. I just want the chocolate.

  • falconer68


  • Andrew P.

    I’ll take the phone, and give wifey the chocolate. Win/win situation 🙂

  • Carmen Andujar

    Love it all

  • Rich

    Cute idea~, GL to everyone… little more luck for me though.

  • Lucas Pedersoli

    mmm nice, but wtf. I still don’t know if ppl outside Canada are elegible.

    • HiKsFiles

      I still don’t know if people from Québec, which is a Canadian province, are eligible! Tried looking everywhere on the contests page but just can’t find the answer!

    • Lucas Pedersoli

      😛 I’ve never seen an answer, even though lot od people asked the same.

  • Braden

    Be mine <3

  • Matthew Cheung

    Would love a new Moto G 😉

  • Eduardo


  • EvanKrosney

    I like the phone, but honestly I’d be fine with just the chocolates.

  • Norman Fong

    Which one is more expensive? The box of chocolates or Moto G. oh snap. I would still like to win though.

  • Apocalypso

    Hoping I can score this sweet prize pack for my wifey.

  • Michelle

    I’d love to win, please pick me!

  • Alexander Burr

    My lady would like this!

  • Thomas Milne

    errr my god CHOCOLATES!

  • Guest

    that a really sweet prize

  • Anupam Nath

    that’s a really sweet prize

  • Ka Hin Li

    yay! lenovo! 😛

  • Tyrone_83

    You can say love at first bite

  • Alain Lafond

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Moto G, and chocolate…

  • staceydempsey

    AWESOME PRIZE I tweeted @roswello and shared on facebook and google plus Stacey Dempsey

  • Denis Toska

    i love chocolates and hope win!!!

  • rob

    Great job Moto , looks good a taste awesome…… : >

  • Basem Chafik

    Yes please

  • Guile


  • Wild

    Nice prize however I’m not going to use your social site gimmick to enter.

  • Curtis K Louis

    I can feel it love is in the air tonight…

  • Kienerman

    Looks Nice I want one please!

  • Thorsten Garbe

    my wife could one like this.

  • John Huizing

    Count me in for this one please!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Great phone and with chocolate is just even better. Love the flashy red too.

  • Brett Arnold Allard

    After the destruction of my Nexus 5 and going back to a standard brick phone I would just love to own this as a replacement.. It’s too bad the funds just aren’t there otherwise I would have purchased another N5. Good luck to everyone else out there!

  • Harry Chahal


  • Peter Wakefield

    Oooh I love Chocolate and Red MotoX would catch my Heart on fire

  • Sean Hazlett

    Yumm Chocolates! Good Luck to All!

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    Moto G is Awsome, Chocolate I want!

  • batye1


  • amana1997

    Need a new phone, so this would be awesome! Thanks.

  • Vineet Sharma


  • hedgehoggy

    How romantic…

  • The Guy

    I really need a new updated phone, so this would be the answer. Thanks for letting me win.

  • retrophiliac


  • Sketchy

    I would be satisfied if I could find a place to buy the official Moto G Grip Shell in Canada. I’ve had the phone for months and I still can’t get the case I want. Android companies suck so bad at releasing accessories on time.

  • Damon Rose

    <3 Chocolate

  • Elaine D

    sweet deal if won for my <3

  • JaySea

    nice gift ;o)

  • Edmond Tse

    coooool stuff

  • Holly

    Would love to win this for my husband! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  • karla

    Awesome!!! I follow and retweeted (@Ksceviour) like on facebook and follow on google +(Karla Sceviour) Thanks!!

  • Ulysses Grant

    Awww… I hope to win this time! 🙂 good luck all

  • Yeria

    Wow.. this would serve as a perfect valentines gift for my wife..

  • eszklar


  • Brian

    yes please !!

  • Noah Roesler

    I’ll give it a go

  • Nelly Chadwick

    This would be a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day! That phone can be my Valentine 😛

  • Roberta

    I follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Amandeep Singh

    This time please. Lol…

  • Jayden Rodgers


  • Becky

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • craig

    mmmm phone

  • Alex Hajtko


  • erdinc karabatak

    I like red & chocolate with moto ÷)

  • erdinc karabatak

    Moto g red dreams android phone

  • Mukul Chugh

    Moto G I love this mobile

  • Farhad Foroughi

    To complement my black nexus 5

  • gleib

    Nice prize

  • enidene

    Very colourful and yummy prize package.

  • Thomas Yok

    I’m in.

  • Len Devoe

    That would be a sweet win

  • kemar7856

    pick me

  • gmaninvan

    Yes Please!! My lovely girlfriends smashed screen one s would love this!

  • Cathy Canton

    RT and shared on FB and Google+ Like and follow “Sweet” giveaway! Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • Olivier L.

    I hope I win! I need a good gift for this halloween and can’t wait to replace my girl’s iphone for something better 😉

  • Jo C

    Want to win this giveaway. Just broke my only phone (iphone 4) please pick me to win!!!
    Twitter: @MsJC_
    Facebook: Jodi Iman


    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which Motorola you’ll get.

  • sohil naik

    Awesome, hopefully I can surprise my girlfriend with this!

  • KiwiBri

    would LOVE to win this. thanks!

  • Tom

    Me want!

  • Becky

    Would love to WIN!

  • Sean Kim

    love the chocolates

  • Rachel


  • Nahuel

    I want the Moto G!!!

  • plumed

    Amazing giveaway. Thanks in advance, MobileSyrup!

  • Rob Bannerman


  • Jordan Pau

    Sweet, I’d love a Moto G!

  • peter barrera

    Followed on Google+. With the week I’m having this would be sweet.

  • big_al77

    I’d love a Lenovo g.please!

  • Philippe Dupuis


  • luther robinson iii

    I give this phone to my new girlfriend

  • Jordan Campbell

    Yummy! I don’t know what sounds better… the chocolates, or the amazing Moto G 🙂

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    what a great gift

  • mommojo

    Nice giveaway

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Wife get the chocolate. I get the phone. Win win.

  • Eric Jensen

    Excellent combo ☺

  • Jason Russell


  • Min Park

    Sounds good!

  • Mitchell Cooper

    Red is my favourite colour!!

  • Brendan Cardoso

    Ohhh Happy valentines day to me, if I won.

  • Fazina

    My love is with all time my fav.moto….

  • Jason

    Phones ok. I’m more interested in the chocolate 🙂

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • Damon Rose

    *crosses fingers*

  • Elizabeth K


  • Gideon Prins

    My wife would love this.

  • Clarence L


  • D4Ge

    Yay! Contest!

  • Brandon

    Love it !

  • Coozle

    When are you going to announce the winner for this contest?

  • Marco Bairos