OnePlus Pods turn up in OnePlus 8 series Android 11 beta code

While the code doesn't reveal much about the earbuds, it does confirm they exist

More details have turned up about OnePlus’ rumoured upcoming earbuds, the OnePlus Pods.

The Pods would be the first true wireless earbuds from OnePlus. Several leaks have already surfaced showcasing the design, but arguably these new details found in the Android 11 beta are the most concrete evidence of their existence yet.

Spotted by XDA Portal tipster and Senior Member ‘Some_Random_Username,’ code pulled out of the Android 11 beta on the OnePlus 8 series points to the upcoming Pods. To start, the new Settings APK file in the Android 11 beta includes a code string that mentions ‘oneplus_tws_pods_function.’ Given that Pods is the rumoured name of the earbuds, and ‘tws’ is an acronym often used for true wireless earbuds, the mention is likely about the earbuds.

XDA Developers dug deeper into the Android 11 beta and found multiple other references to ‘OnePlus Pods’ and a companion application file called ‘com.oneplus.twspods.’

Further, XDA found code related to reading the battery life from the left and right earbuds — something only needed on true wireless earbuds. On top of that, there was mention of ‘oppoPodsService,’ which could indicate some kind of link between the OnePlus Pods and an existing pair of Oppo true wireless earbuds.

In the past, OnePlus has taken Oppo products and re-released them under the OnePlus brand, often with small tweaks to improve the product.

Finally, XDA uncovered code related to double-tap actions to play and pause music, skip to the next song, over-the-air updates and a ‘find my Bluetooth earphone’ setting. However, that last one could be related to Google’s new ‘Find My Accessory’ feature for Fast Pair devices.

It’s worth noting that all the code snippets point to a set of features most would expect on any competent pair of true wireless earbuds. That said, OnePlus will likely have some surprises for us with the Pods. The uncovered code also doesn’t address details like audio quality, which we likely won’t learn more about until the Pods release. In other words, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the OnePlus Pods, but at least we can be confident they really exist.

Source: XDA Developers

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