Google Pixel 4 series leaks in coral, white and black colours

A short video gives us a better look at the orange-coloured Pixel 4

While Google gave us a glimpse of its Pixel 4 earlier this year, the company probably didn’t want their phone to be completely leaked in a hands-on video.

A leaked hands-on video showcased the Pixel 4 in its coral-orange variant. The YouTube channel Gadget Leaks shared the video on the Google Pixel subreddit.

While we’ve already seen the Pixel 4, the video gives us a better glimpse of this peach-like colour variant, though it’s only 15 seconds long and we just see the back of the phone.

Pictures of the white and black Pixel 4 XL variants leaked as well, posted by Reddit user gooGof. These phones appear to look very similar to the Pixel 2 XL with its large top bezel and smaller bottom bezels. However, the 4 XL’s bottom bezel does look a lot smaller than the 2 XL’s. While most OEMs are going with bezel-less nowadays, Google is not.

The black variant seems very glossy compared to the white model. As previously seen, Google ditched the dual-tone back as well. You can check out more of the pictures on Imgur.

While we know what this phone will look like in its entirety, specs such as RAM and storage are more of a mystery. Previous leaks indicated the Pixel 4 series would sport up to 8GB of RAM.

Though Google hasn’t announced it yet, it will likely reveal the Pixel 4 series in October.

Source: Gadget Leaks, Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit user Googof

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