Canada-UK co-production Alto’s Odyssey is finally set to release on February 22

Snowman, the Canadian studio behind Alto’s Adventure, a surprise smash hit endless runner that was originally released back in 2015, is finally ready to drop the game’s sequel, Alto’s Odyssey.

The game, which was delayed at the last minute a few months ago, is set to release on February 22nd for $5 USD (about $6.30 CAD), for Apple TV and iOS.

Alto's Odyssey

The game seems set to play very similarly to the first Alto title, but with new layers of complexity added to the mix. Players will be challenged by new natural hazards, hot air balloons and shifting grind rails, according to Snowman.

The most significant change to the game, though, is a move called wall-riding that allows players to traverse vertically in stages. Finally, Snowman has also added varied environments to the game, including desert stages and levels that include water sections.

Alto's Odyssey

Game modes that were added through updates to Alto’s Adventure, including Zen Mode and Photo Mode, are coming to the game as well.

It doesn’t look like Alto’s Odyssey is set to be a complete reimagining of the endless-runner genre, just like its predecessor. Given how great the first game is, though, this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

It’s unclear if Snowman plans to eventually bring Alto’s Odyssey to Android. We’ll have more on Alto’s Odyssey in the coming days but for now, the game is available to pre-order at this link.

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