HTC Vive will cost $1,149 in Canada, pre-orders now open [Update]


  • Lyndon Boychuk

    I’d like to try it out definitely, but I’m more curious with what Google might come out with soon.

    • DougP

      I’m excited to see what Google does as well. Particularly if they do something with the tech we’ve seen in their project tango ( no external sensors required ), perhaps VR/AR?

      However, I’m pre-ordering my Vive & very excited for room scale.

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Nice. HTC had the best experience currently going so it’s good it is finally coming to market.

    • DougP

      You’re right. And I expect it will be 2yrs+ before something much better/different comes out, as well we’ll have years of support for games/apps for their room-scale (SteamVR) with Valve’s backing.

      I bet we’ll see the “must have” game/experience/app later this year.

      Very exciting times ahead!

  • DougP

    Yes – getting up early to hit that pre-order button! I’m concerned they’ll sell out of the 1st *batch* & otherwise miss the April shipping batch.

    Re: $1149
    I thought the price was gonna be $1099 CAD, which is closer (converted) to the USD $799.
    I’ve seen people complaining about the “over $1000” (CAD) but you have to realize it’s based off the USD $. It’s not HTC’s fault our CAD has dived against the USD.

    April shipping can’t come soon enough – might start clearing the space in my basement next week to get ready!

  • Ron S

    Wow…that’s expensive. I love the VR experience, but I don’t think its worth that much IMO.

    • iPwn8599

      its because it’s a first gen customer release – think about that $10’000 4K tv or the 700 dvd players.

      same concept, it’s the price you have to pay to be an early adopter

    • Ron S

      Totally true. I didn’t pay the 10K for the TV, but I remember a friend paying $700 for a 14″ LCD Monitor!

  • heynow00

    Is the Samsung one priced so differently because you add a phone to it?

    • Francois Roy

      You add a phone, there is no controller, no 3D positioning cameras.. and it doesn’t have half the others’ horsepower.

    • iPwn8599

      not to mention the ergonomics of the device

    • DougP

      Re: “half the others’ horsepower”
      More like 1/20th 1/100th? 🙂 Once fully invested in a mid-high range graphics card.

    • downhilldude

      The Samsung controller is optional, and the “horsepower” will be improved with the S7 and its Vulkan graphics software. Still won’t be as powerful, but 1/10th the price, so a pretty good deal for VR. If you’re one of the people who gets a Gear VR free, with the pre-order, then it’s an unbeatable deal.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, the Gear VR is entry level. This beast is a self contained unit with its own high resolution screen and it gets wired to a gaming computer for its processing power and high end graphics. The Vive even goes a step farther than the Oculus Rift by providing wall mounted sensors that map a dedicated playing surface in which your entire body movements are tracked. The Oculus will track head movements as well as your arms if you have a controller in each, the Gear VR just tracks your head movement but it does it well and is a cheap way to get a taste of what VR is about.

    • DougP

      I have the Samsung GearVR, it’s a near “must buy” for those with a compatible phone, under the following:
      1) Can’t afford PC based
      2) Want mobile solution (take when travel, easily share w/family & friends when visiting)
      I’ve known for nearly a year that I’d be buying a Vive, but still wanted a mobile solution.

      At $99 it’s like the best phone peripheral investment you can make.

      For the PC – Vive’s definitely the way to go if you’re interested in the most immersive solution. Decent chance it costs even less than the Rift.
      I pre-ordered mine this morning…and happy I have both PC-based & mobile solution.

  • jellmoo

    I’m not terribly surprised about the price for a first gen product. As always, early adopters pay a premium in order to be… well… early adopters.

    I think the issue here is that it’s an unproven commodity that doesn’t have a really solid use case just yet. Once it does, and manufacturing costs go down, it may be a more palatable experience for the masses.

    • Hello Moto

      The only thing is that HTC always prices their products at a premium, just look at the HTC One A9: $649 gets you a Snapdragon 615.

    • jellmoo

      617 actually, but I digress. I actually have an A9 and like it quite a bit, but you’re not wrong.

    • DougP

      Re: “HTC always prices their products at a premium”
      That might be the case w/phones, but don’t see that being the case with VR.
      Using USD$, Vive is $800 & Rift is $600, but with Rift (to be fair comparison) you have to ADD:
      1) second room sensor/camera
      2) 2x motion controllers
      3) Add-on USB front facing camera
      By the time you add those there’s a good chance you’ll spend MORE on the Rift…and wind up with a hobbled/fragmented mess for developers targeting that headset support.

      Honestly think that between these 2 the Vive’s a bargain & smart choice.

  • ineptone

    Unfortunately, for me, it’s a no to pre-ordering. In fact, despite this being the most promising and appealing VR offering of the moment, I’ll likely await the arrival of Playstation VR in lieu of the Vive due to console compatibility not necessitating the purchase of a relatively high end gaming PC in addition to the purchase price of the VR peripherals themselves. That being said, I hope HTC and Valve are incredibly successful with the Vive.

  • gommer strike

    Over a *thousand* bucks for VR? Weak CAD notwithstanding…

    There needs to be an experience, that is so good, and so life-changing that a person who has no knowledge or technical inclination of any kind…to be willing to plop that kinda money down for this.

    What is the killer app/games/experience that makes this a must-have? Can I do something with this, that is so never-before-seen, that dropping $1k+ isn’t even a second thought?

    Outside of already-VR fans and diehards, what’s the draw for the mass-market here? Listen I’m not trying to downplay this. I’m just trying to understand.

    • Dennis Wu

      This is so far the BEST experience for VR, and as a 1st gen product, it’s absolutely not for everybody. The price tag is exactly what you pay for tech that is “ahead of it’s time” or becoming the “next big thing”. You’re right, people who love VR, gaming, and high end technology are likely the only audience the Vive (and oculus) appeals to, and these are also the people who would already have invested at least some $2000 on a computer powerful enough to run it well. I myself don’t have a great computer but say if best buy had a demo it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s going to take the general consumer an actual demonstration / test drive to truly understand and appreciate such advanced technology and find a use for it.

    • DougP

      Try out VR if you’re able.
      It’s really not something you can explain or even demo via video. It’s something you need to *experience*.
      I really mean that.

      I’ve been playing with VR for a while now, from Oculus DK1, multiple google cardboard versions, & latest being Samsung GearVR (bought this for mobile, knowing almost a year ago my PC solution would be a Vive).
      People who don’t even like gaming or PCs in general are often just blown away by the experience.

      I’ve had people who said they hate games wind up loving them in VR.
      Beyond gaming the future for “virtual presence” (think skype in 3D & walking around), & applications – purchasing by seeing a object as if “you’re there” with it ( car/house/boat/whatever ), design/rendering such as architecture/home re-models, travel ( walk through the hotel & see the room/view/beach before you decide book it ), etc etc.

      Again – it’s just hard to explain without experiencing it.
      I’d suggest you do this, invest ~$20 in a cheap Google cardboard & put your phone in it.
      The “Unofficial Cardboard 2.0” is pretty slick & a good buy, as it includes IPD adjustment so can make for a better image.
      Will be the best ~$20 you can spend – download some demos & be prepared to be impressed with “phone only”, possible outcomes:
      1) [warning] you’ll be *sold* on VR & pre-order a Vive
      2) doesn’t do anything & “not for you” – fantastic & cheap gift to give away
      Keeping in mind that the phone+google cardboard is only a tiny fraction of what you can do compared to a full system such as the Vive.

  • Columbo

    “Each order will ship with 3 games, including Job Simulator” – are you kidding me?

    • Stephen B Morris

      Right?! You go to work to earn the money to pay for a device that will play a game…of you going to work.

    • mbowman83

      In real life, I pretend to work anyway

  • Kalen G

    Glad there are early adopters to fund the R&D of this niche technology; I, however, am not one to buy into that gimmick.
    *says the guy with a Note Edge*

    • DougP

      Re: “not one to buy into that gimmick”
      I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to call it a *gimmick*.
      I mean it’s just what you 1st said, more for “early adopters”.

      Like those of us who spent $500-1000 (more? converted to today’s $) on a DVD player when they came out.
      Or LDC monitors?
      Or HD TVs?
      I’d not call the people who bought those early as someone falling for a gimmick – just willing to pay more to get in early.

      I’d wager that this will absolutely NOT be a niche market.
      That in the future we’ll look back at 2016 as being the revolutionary year that modern VR entered the mainstream.

      Re: “Note Edge”
      BTW – I’d highly recommend investing $99 (that’s USD, more here in Canada & cheapest through Best Buy) on a GearVR.
      I’d bet you’ll consider it the best ~$100 you’ve spent on an accessory. Heck, even if it turns out VR “isn’t for you” (for some reason) – you’ll entertain & blow people away with it. Hours of fun & entertainment.

  • Mr_Smoosh

    With that pricing, everyone in the family can have one!

  • Stephen B Morris

    One small step for VR, one giant leap for holodecks.

  • AJKahn

    I’d pre-order, but I don’t have the space to set it up. Also, I’d rather wait and see how the AAA devs incorporate VR in their games before I take the leap.

    The tech demos are good for 5-10 mins, but that doesn’t justify its price tag.

    • DougP

      Re: “I don’t have the space to set it up”
      I think that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the space required, for example:
      1) you can just use it seated – many games/experiences will be seated-only
      2) for “room-scale” a good description I’ve seen used by the manufacturers describing the minimum is “the open floor space of 2 yoga mats”. Really not that much, maybe slide a chair/coffee table 1m away/in a corner?

      Re: “tech demos” 5-10 mins
      There’s a whole heck of a lot more than just tech demos.
      Many games/apps are announced/available to order or pre-order. Dozens of very impressive looking titles.
      Heck, I’ve got games I play on my Google cardboard & Samsung GearVR which last WAY longer than 5-10 mins.

    • AJKahn

      Thanks for clearing this up, I don’t know if you’ve tried this already but indeed I have. And I can tell you that this is not my cup of tea. We have nothing that immerses you like the AAA titles that we have currently. Which is sad as the whole thing is based around immersion. Also the room demos felt gimmicky to me at best. They are great to wow an audience, but I don’t see myself putting a 100 or more hours in this until this gets more fleshed out.

      Maybe you can list some of the great titles you referred to and they can probably change my mind.

    • DougP

      I’ve tried it. I’ve been intimately involved & enthused about VR for a couple of years now – owning & using: Rift DK1, multiple cardboard headsets, GearVR, etc.

      I realize VR won’t be many people’s cup-o-tea.
      I get that. My 97yo aunt was terrified when I got her to try it. My parent’s won’t be gaming on it.
      Some people are incredibly prone to motion sickness.

      I don’t know why MY taste in games would change your mind. I have no idea what you like.
      I’ve seen many people determined not to like VR, mostly it comes out due to the fact that they don’t have the money to spend on it.
      Then again, many people hated-on CD players, due to cost, back when ~1981(/2) Sonys 1st unit cost $1840 in 2016 dollar. Not affordable, not for everyone – “I like the sound of tape/vinyl better!”.

      Title’s I’m interested in: Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous, Raw Data (it’s early dev), Hover Junkers (really excited for – backed their Indiegogo), Budget Cuts (amazing fun mix of portal & fast physical action), Call of Starseed, Space Pirate Trainer.

      Fantastic Contraption, Cloudlands Mini Golf & Final approach look fun for “the family” / more casual play.
      Those are just some titles I’m expecting to buy (or have pre-ordered).
      My background is 3D graphics & modelling, so I’m really excited by the possibility of being *inside* the model & using the Vive to build/design.

      Again… NOT saying what I like is what you’d like or feel is compelling.

      Look – google & youtube & steam are all your friends on this one. Use them & see if you find something that suits your taste/is compelling.
      Personally, I’m excited for (& buying) a wide range of titles & apps…have no idea if VR, room-scale, is for you.

    • pixelblot

      Yep..Personally I can’t wait to import and view my own models in UE (3d sculptor/surfacing artist/design) and view them..So giddy..SO EXCITED to start developing stuff for this. Really exciting times.

    • DougP

      Ditto – honestly the potential/future for VR OUTSIDE of games is even more exciting.

      Although I admit Day1 I’m gonna just be having fun with it.

      April can’t come soon enough!

      [ Side note: I’ve seen some interesting rendering plug-ins, so you can take models (arch/design) from even the likes of Sketchup & then do a VR walk-through. UE design demo I’ve seen w/Vive was amazing. ]

  • Max Fireman

    Another reason why HTC is such a lame company.

    • DougP

      Re: “Another reason why”
      Is what?!
      Don’t leave us hanging with that incomplete sentence… let us know the reason.

  • pixelblot

    $1,360 all in… rate+shipping+local tax ($1,359 and some change to be exact)..just got hammered with the horrible exchange rate..but this is one thing I REEEALLLY want and hope to develop for. Location: Vancouver, Canada.

    • DougP

      Yeah… I feel your pain.

      Of course the exchange rate’s not HTC’s fault, but yeah… hard pill to swallow.
      I thought it was gonna be $1099 to more accurately match current rates. Then the ~$65 shipping was also annoying.

      Still… April can’t come soon enough! 🙂

    • SilverBack88

      Actually it is HTC’s fault because they didn’t just charge us USD so we can utilize the current exchange rate which is currently $799 USD = $1065.03 CAD NOT $1,149. I could be saving $84 right now if they just charged us the USD price instead of some hard Canadian price… BTW, they will refund you $60 on shipping if you contact their support and tell them you only want the $5 shipping; i was told this when i complained about the exchange rate..

    • DougP

      Agree completely – wished it was just priced in USD.

      Re: “$799 USD = $1065.03 CAD NOT $1,149”
      To be fair, when the priced was announced it would’ve been closer to $1100 CAD, due due to our fluctuating loonie.
      Just before price was announced, I’d guessed (according to conversion rate at the time) $1099… but now that it’s swung back a bit, it’s even further over-priced.

      Anyhow… agree completely, lot easier if it was just priced in USD & we just “pay at the time”.
      Not HTC’s fault where our $ is at, but not reason for them to stick-it-to-us by building in a large cushion.

      Re: shipping
      Hey – thanks for that tip. I’m going to contact support & get them to update it.
      Although, I’m am SO excited about getting it, if I had to pay $50 or even 60 to get it say a week sooner, I’d probably do it! 🙂
      I’m already a bit worried about how long it’s going to take to arrive in Canada, since probably shipping from US warehouse(?), as going through customs/import.

      Import tax –
      Do you happen to know if we have to pay import tax on top of that price?

      Since I live near the US border, as so many of us do, I also have a US Post Box. I was tempted to ship it there, possibly saving on $/conversion, shipping & avoiding import tax, receive it sooner(?) – pay for me to make the trip across the border to pick it up. hehe

  • DougP

    Excited about my order today.

    Game recommendation –
    [ I have nothing to do with the company who makes this title ]
    I highly recommend people check-out Hover Junkers.
    What impressed me the most about it is is that it was designed from the ground-up as a VR-only game, handling “room scale” (whatever your room size is, from the “2x yoga mats of space” on up to 5x5m).

    If you’ve purchased or are interested in seeing full immersive VR in action – google Hover Junkers for videos. The devs are quite the enthusiasts & post great videos.
    I spent $35 on their Indiegogo campaign as a pre-order method.

    • pixelblot

      Yeah I had an idea for a craft vessel based game and was looking up games that share the same concept and saw a video about Hover Junkies. Looks interesting. It’s definitely a good way to handle the room based VR. I want one where we control a Flight of the Navigator style craft and explore the universe..Until the tech for stationary movement becomes ubiquitous, I foresee lots of moving platform vehicle type games like this.

  • Alain Lafond

    That’s $5,000.000 for 2 or 3 games… I’m not that rich…

  • Jack

    Waste of money…

  • Don B Ross

    Yeah I’d love to buy one, but it needs a minimum of a gtx970 to run it, and therefore a new power supply.. in the neighborhood of $2000 after taxes and such, most folks don’t have 2 grand to piss away on a video game peripheral. I’ll have to wait a few years when this becomes obsolete and the next “new thing you gotta have” shows up on the market.

  • Don B Ross

    just shy of $1200 and those wormy fuckers won’t throw in shipping?