Oculus Rift pre-orders are live, VR headset costs $900+ CAD and will ship in March


  • barrist

    so about $1000cad ? lol

    • Jared

      +HST13% Where i Live

  • Kyolux

    From people on Neogaf, it comes up to $914 in CAD.

    PS VR it is for me. Considering I would need to buy a geforce 970 or 980 and some cooling to overclock my i5 3570k..

    I’m going to wait this out.

    • thomas nguyen

      You didn’t pay for the full game but you had to put in a small amount to lock in your pre-order. This time, Rift just gets all the info, but does not take any deposit for your preorder.

    • Kyolux

      What? No. I never had to put in any amount of money at all.

      If you’re a scrub and pre-order at places like EB games then I guess you deserve to be ripped off.

    • Amazon is one of the only retailers that doesn’t take a deposit when you pre-order.

    • Kyolux

      Best Buy doesn’t either.

      And anyway, the only right way to pre-order (for actual games) is at 30-33% off during E3 and Black Friday.

      Paid $40 for MGS V Phantom Pain from a Future Shop pre-order, going to pay the same for Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2021 when it’ll finally release and same for FFXV this year.

      Heck, Got Xenoblade Chronicle X for 40 too, and sold it back for 65 on kijiji.

    • I’d argue a discount is the only reason to pre-order when it comes to games. Stock shortages for retail units is a thing that rarely happens these days.

    • Kyolux

      Yeah, definitely, that’s the only reason I will, unless it’s something that could end up rare like a super limited edition, but most of these are easy pickups too nowadays.

      Sorry if I came up a bit cranky.. I’m a bit sleep-deprived.

    • thomas nguyen

      but… but… bestbuy does it too, where do you pre-order your games? I’m curious now since ALL the places I know requires a deposit.

    • Kyolux

      I pre-order online. That might be why. Best Buy doesn’t do it online.

    • thomas nguyen

      ahh nice to know, and you have the option of cancelling the preorder before the game is released?

    • Kyolux

      Yes, but their system isn’t so great if you’re using e3 deals honestly. It’s better off in their case to get the game and just return it in-store. But as a game to game thing, it’s fine, but I don’t know why you’d want to pre-order like that anyway nowadays.

      I really prefer Amazon, they usually have the best prices too and while some have had issues with them, I never really had any problems.

    • blzd

      VR on a console that can barely push 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second?

      You get what you pay for.

    • Kyolux

      You do realize that PS VR comes with an external processing unit? So it’s more than just PS4’s raw power.

    • GPman

      People and MS knock the PSVR for power and yes it is underpowered, but that is only if you expect true top end this gen modern graphics.

      VR is a fun experience and if games even look only as good as PS3 games it will be amazing fun. Can’t tell me Gta, red dead redemption, uncharted or batman Arkham games from ps3 era look like crap. Hell, VR GTA Vice City? That would be awesome.

      So ps3 level games in VR? I’m sold!

    • blzd

      When the pixels are right in your face, you will notice the low res textures, low frame rates, and other graphical issues that come with using a lower powered system.

      At that point, might as well be using your smartphone. At least it won’t be tied down to an outlet.

  • iPwn8599

    that hurts – all the more reason to wait and see what others like the Vive has to offer!

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  • omegajimes

    Let all the big guys come out, and let early adopters work out the bugs.
    I’m excited for VR, but I’m not jumping in until Vive, Rift, OSVR, and PS are out, and I know what’s needed and what works.

  • Ilia Draznin

    A bit too rich for my blood, at least for now. With that being said, I was set to pre-order it and figured if it’s too expensive I’ll just cancel it before it comes out, but I’m having trouble finalizing the transaction. So, I think I’ll sit this one out and see how this whole VR thing shakes out. Between Oculus, HTC/Valve and Sony, there are at least three big players, each one coming out with a somewhat different, if comparable, products that have their own pros and cons. It will be interesting to see how each one develops.

    • bigshynepo

      I’ve seen so many people with your same type of comment, I feel like Oculus is really shooting themselves in the foot over this launch price. Instead of driving interest in VR, many are playing the wait and see approach. I said last week, if this unit launches for over $600 CDN, we would have many people on the sidelines…and here we are.

      Hoping to hear a price and launch date for Playstation VR, but like everything, the content has to be as compelling as the price to get people on board.

    • GPman

      Considering the FB backing I expected a subsidized version to come out to get it out there in a big way and name recognition. Much like Google did with Nexus 4. Oh well.

    • thomas nguyen

      Don’t forget Samsung VR

  • Yikes. The price seems high but that will likely change when it becomes more and more common. I will follow others and wait till they get all the bugs out of the first batch and right the 2.0 wave

  • bigshynepo

    Ridiculous price point considering the company is operating under the Facebook umbrella. Playstation VR here I come!

    • Don’t expect PlayStation VR to be that much cheaper. It’s likely going to hit a $600 to $700 price point.

    • Kyolux

      But it won’t require most of us to upgrade our PC with a $500 gpu and possibly new CPU. So at least there’s that.

      But yeah, with the exchange rate, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if in CAD it goes any lower than 600.

    • GPman

      By the time project VR comes out you will probably be able to get a ps4/psVR combo for about the same price as the Oculus. They can’t charge too much for the VR cause it will be dead in the water if they do. They know this. $250usd tops for add on PSVR and $599usd for the combo is my guess.

      Guessing new firmware will make PSVR plug and play with no TV required. Games that work in VR will and those not compatible will automatically displayed in “big screen TV/ movie” mode.

    • bigshynepo

      I don’t see it being anywhere near $700cdn pre-tax, most are optimistic for a $350-$400 launch price which translates to about $549cdn. Time will tell.

    • Sadaharu

      You are the God

    • bigshynepo

      Thanks for reminding me about this prediction. Feels good to be right for once haha. Here’s to lots of fun VR in this year and the ones to come.

  • parshakov

    And what are the final specs? 2160 x 1200 resolution, compared to 2560 x 1440 of the $140 Gear VR?

    • Kyolux

      Gear VR is pretty barebone compared to OR/Vive/PS VR though. Also add to that the price of a $600+ phone required that has to do all the hard work instead of your computer and overheat a inch or two away from your face.

    • parshakov

      I can watch an entire movie before getting an overheating warning. You won’t feel the heat because the phone is on the other side of the lenses. The battery drains pretty fast though, about 70% in 2 hours.

    • Kyolux

      Well, I was just repeating what someone else said somewhere about it getting hot.

      I have no actual personal experience with the Gear VR. I’m sure it’s fine for movies, but how is it for games? Do you get that 90 fps sweet spot? How are the controls?

    • blzd

      Actually the $140 Gear VR is 0 pixels wide by 0 pixels tall, and the phone that goes in will be trying to power the whole show with a 2550mAh battery all while syncing your photos and email.

    • parshakov

      The Gear VR is much better for watching movies and consuming other content except for PC games of course, considering the higher resolution and the fact that you are not wired to a PC. I bet you can’t enjoy a 3D movie while lying in your bed with an Oculus Rift attached to your head with all its wires.

  • thomas nguyen

    [If enough people pre-order and somehow exhaust all the stock we are building up, later orders will just have a later ship date,” so if the Rift does sell well, Oculus reportedly has a contingency plan in place.]

    Not exactly a contingency plan, this is how all orders should be handled… a contingency plan is more like finding out using preliminary order numbers that they don’t meet the demand and will pump up production to try to achieve the demand of the product…

    [Rift pre-orders won’t actually be billed to customers until the VR headset ships. Typically pre-orders lock the purchaser in with a non-refundable deposit. As lucky mentions in his Tweet, avoiding this tactic shows the level of confidence Oculus has in its product]
    usually pre-orders for new items from startup are there to help fund the still developing product, now that they have the backing and money from facebook, this type of pre-order is expected since they are not worried about money running dry during the production.

    • In the world of gaming, that’s rarely the case. People often put a deposit down, both for consoles of games, to guarantee a unit on launch day. What you’re talking about sounds more like Kickstarter or IndieGogo to me.

      As for the order issue. Sure, this is how all orders should work, but that’s rarely what actually happens.

  • Raj Singh

    A little pricey but not bad.
    This or PlayStation VR…

  • FWIW, I plunked down the coin for the pre-order. $914 CAD (shipping + taxes in). I’ve played with the Gear VR enough to want this kind of tech in my house and I love being on the bleeding edge. I’m patient enough to wade through most issues because the end result is worth it. (My buddy had a dev unit so I got to use it a few times)

    Most people won’t bat an eye on dropping that kind of coin on a tablet which is used primarily for social media, emails, netflix and candy crush. I would rather have this as this is where things are headed. I hated 3D from day one but this tech is the one we want.

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