Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy Jay Z’s Tidal


  • Me

    I hope they close it.

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    These streaming services are closing up left, right and centre but Samsung wants to go blow it’s brains out buying one? Genius.

    • Jonah Emery

      Left right and centre? To my knowledge only RDIO has shut down.

    • neo905

      Songza sort of did as well. But really swallowed up by Google.

    • deltatux

      Songza was a radio service and not really a direct competitor to the likes of Google Play Music, Apple Music or Spotify. Sony did close their music service in favour of Spotify but there are so many music streaming services like Napster, Tidal, Deezer, Groove Music and much more.

    • neo905

      Hence the use of the phrase “sort of did”…

  • neo905

    I don’t know or even heard of one person who uses Tidal.

    • Mo Dabbas

      A lot of artists like Lil Wayne and Kanye released their album exclusively on tidal. It was the number 1 downloaded app a week ago when Kanye dropped his album exclusively there. Tidal subscription reportedly more than doubled to 2.5 million subscriber. So Pretty much the 1 million subscriber number mentioned here is outdated. But it shows you the power of exclusive contents, and I think Samsung is going for that.

    • neo905

      I actually go out of my way to ignore an artist that goes the exclusive path with their album. I hate content distribution that just leads to fragmentation. I won’t reward it. Good points though.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Well, I kind of understand him putting it on tidal only. Wasn’t the service owned by a bunch of artist including Kanye? I know the article says only jay-z but I don’t think that’s correct (maybe he owns the biggest share of it and manages it), but the service is owned by lots of other artists. So I kind of see why he would just put it on Tidal only. Although that resulted in tons of people illegally download the album instead of subscribing.

    • neo905

      And that is why you don’t alienate people like that. The money would have ended up in your pocket if you would make it universally available. Greed now causes him to actually make less money. People take the path of least resistance.

    • It’s Me

      Wonder how many would do exclusives if Samsung bought them. The hook for any artist giving tidal exclusives seems to that they bought into the sales pitch by Jay-z. Samsung isn’t jay-z.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Just as many are doing exclusives with other services (like apple music). When there is money these “artists” will jump on it.
      With Jay Z and Lil wayne then kanye exclusives, they gave it when they are financially troubled. Lil Wayne gave exclusive coz nobody cares about him now and he was rumored to file at bankruptcy (not to mentioned troubles between him with his record label and Birdman). and Kanye gave an exclusive while tweeting he’s at 50-something million dollars in dept (you didn’t hear about his desperate tweets to Mark Zuckerberg and Larry page? They were a joke). So you never know the kind of deals Jay-Z gave them to accept this exclusive. Not to mention that Kanye’s album was pulled out from his website (where it was being sold) for that exclusive.

  • It’s Me

    They should totally do it.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      I see what you did there. I laughed.

  • Brad Fortin

    What? You mean Samsung’s Milk music service and Google’s Play Music aren’t enough for Samsung users, so it’s time to include a third option?

    • Vito R.

      Milk is AMAAAAAAAZING!

    • JTon

      They probably want the exclusive content; not the technology

  • The NY post says that it was believed to be worth as much as 250 m from launch. Lol where do they get these numbers?

    They don’t even list if the “over 1 million subscribers” are even paying or part of that 3 month trail they just rolled out.

    The only thing that is certain in all this is that Jay-Z has struck gold again