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Narrative Clip 2 launching in September, pre-orders start today at $199 USD

The second-generation Narrative Clip is launching this September, with pre-sales beginning today for $199 USD.

The first-gen lifelogging clip, which came to market after a successful Kickstarter under the name Memoto, was an intriguing but ultimately flawed product that took a photo every 30 seconds and, using machine learning, determined the best photos of the bunch after using a computer to upload the day’s collections.

Narrative Clip 2 fixes many of the first’s problems, adding WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, modular clipping arrangements, a wider-angle lens, higher-resolution 8MP sensor with better low-light performance, and a reworked app experience. A slightly thicker chassis also holds a much larger battery good for 30 hours of continuous use.

Narrative Clip 2

In the time since its announcement back in January, Narrative has revamped much of its software experience, launching the first social networking elements to its product, dubbed Public Moments. Friends and families of Clip wearers can subscribe to a person’s feed and see updates once they’re uploaded and processed.

While lifelogging hasn’t quite reached the peaks of its potential, the Narrative Clip 2 and competitors like the SnapCam, have helped propel it into a user-friendly, passive service that could appeal to the mainstream user.

The Narrative Clip 2 will ship in red, white or black, and from today until May 31st at midnight PST, each order will receive a free “skin” for personalization, and free shipping.

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