Sony Xperia S coming to Canada April 17th, exclusively available at the Sony Store


  • Steven Schwartz

    Again a new flagship Android mitt shipping with ICS. But for Sony to say that it will be upgraded later in the year, what a month or two before the next Android update? If you are releasing a new phone more then for pmonths after a new release off a OS and it is not the latest release it is a fail in my book.

    • bummy

      I bought the transformer prime with honeycomb and updated it to ICS the moment I got home.


      There’s a time gap between software refinement and production. Deal with it.

    • Ramy

      Next Android Version? Probably November or December…Aka in 7-8 Months 🙂 Oh and don’t forget, that the Nexus phone will probably launch on December or January so…And oh yeah! Other OEMs will have ICS by lets say….April or May? So yeah.

  • XER

    I never understand why I would pay through the roof and yet my phone is locked to a specific network???

    Canadians really need to wake up and start buying unlocked phones and then shop for the cheapest service plan. It is a big mistake to go with any carriers just because they have a phone you like. The current model in Canada is the biggest rip off to consumers.

    The amount of money you save from the service plan on a 36 month basis from the sub-brands is at least equal if not greater than getting a subsidized one. Plus, no outrageous roaming charges. Just to give people an example, in Hong Kong, you can get UNLIMITED data for as little as $9US per day… In UK, $15US can get you 500+ or talk time. Can you imagine how rip off those Rogers roaming packages are???

    I am glad that Manufacturers are taking the Apple approach. Consumers should always have the option to buy the phone outright without any commitments.

    • Radar

      In Canada the UNLIMITED data are included in the basic $40 plan with WIND Mobile or for only $10 extra.

    • Abjection

      The problem with that idea is there there are no “cheap plans”. If you need X-minutes/text and X-data you end up paying the SAME MONTHLY FEE with an unlocked phone then you would with a subsidized phone. You will save the cost of the phone if you go subsidized. Do the math. Be realistic.

    • RP

      Your theory would be correct if these ‘sub-brands’ actually offered decent coverage (I live in downtown Toronto). Most of my friends on Wind and Mobilicity hardly ever have any signal. Yes, they pay half of what I pay monthly, but I don’t see the point of paying lesser for a service that is at best, unreliable
      Once the smaller players improve their reliability, I’m sure Robbers and the rest will see their customers leaving in droves, but till then, the contract based model will be quite popular for people who want to have a usable phone

    • A

      In Canada people are too cheap to spend anything on an unlocked phone, they would rather suffer for 3 years after they get it for free.

  • jepoy

    “will be upgradable to OS 4.0 later this year” —->> WHAT??!! before they release it, there will be another OS coming..

  • saku


    Not trying to sound smug or start an argument at. I know that happens a lot here. But with regards to having an unlocked phone and paying $10 per day for data roaming is that still with your Canadian phone number? If you have an unlocked phone and say your using it on the rogers network then when you go traveling are you still able to use that same phone number for those rates for phone, text and data? Or are you using a temporary number from a service provider where you are? I’m just curious about that.

    • XER

      That is you buy a SIM from a local carrier when you travel. You have to take out your Rogers SIM and put in the local carrier SIM card for this service.

  • Dalex

    This is a beautiful phone with a great display (though I much prefer AMOLED over LCDs), but shipping with GB is quite lame.

    If however the Cyanogenmod team picks this up (they do have a good track record with 2011 xperia devices), this will be a great phone. Running CM9 on this sounds amazing and will more than cover the deficiencies of the Snapdragon S3 in this.

  • shaggyskunk

    What a great concept… Buy the phone that you want.. & then put the carriers in the position of having to make their plans appealing… You know, demonstrating that they not only WANT your business, but NEED your business.

  • Henaway

    I’ve never quite understood locked GSM phones. The whole point of the SIM card is that the phone’s owner can just pull the chip, pop in a new one, and go. CDMA, sure, they had to be programmed by the carrier to work.

    Glad my local carrier sells all of their phones unlocked, on a plan or outright. (Then again, I wish the SGSII wasn’t the newest phone in their lineup! lol)

  • Otter

    Again… the only way us Canadians can change anything, is with your dollars. If you bite the carrot, and buy it at Rogers and get your contract extended, that tells them that you appreciate what they do.

    If you give money to companies that operate a certain way, that is like saying: “I like this service. I want more.”

    Its like organic food. No amount of complaining, wishing, hoping for cheaper, better options will present itself, unless you suck up and start supporting companies that provide that.

  • monsterduc1000

    All this talk about buying a phone outright and going with a small carrier is great if you live in the southern corridor of Ontario, but if you live in rural Canada like me, it is futile. The little guys are few and far between out here, and their coverage is atrocious. If you take a step out of a major city, the signal disappears until you get to the next major city. So for the majority of Canadians as of right now, the only choice is the big three so why not get a contract to lessen the blow until the little guys get some coverage for the rest of Canada.

  • replytonew

    The second link cnw is not working.

  • sonylies

    ICS later in the year..if it was like their x10 u will see the update whenever they get around to it..after their lies and broken promises i would never touch a sony cell again..customer service blew as well!!

  • IAK

    I actually had a pleasure of playing around with one of these. It’s a lot less impressive than I wanted it to be. THe clear bar at the bottom aren’t buttons, aren’t touch sensetive, they’re indicators for whats above them and it’s the samsung style touch buttons… Generally speaking… not impressive.

  • Stupid sony

    Why bother selling a phone exclusively if it’s just gonna be locked locked Rogers. Offer an unlocked penta band version if you’re gonna keep keep it in sony stores, losers

  • SkyDome

    Sony is suffering from a serious balls deficiency … has stores, has phones but afraid to sell it unlocked.

  • Kay

    I’m glad I imported my XS few weeks ago from the UK and I love it.
    If you guys buy this phone and it’s locked from Rogers.
    Good luck waiting another few months for ICS when it officially launches because Rogers will delay it as they did for the x10.

  • Tomatoes

    Is that an older picture or is it recent? If it says Sony Ericsson on it instead of the just plain Sony it will look uglier.

  • Jacquio

    @XER – Sony published unlock codes immediately after release for the Xperia Arc and Play on their website. I wouldn’t be surprised if this phone gets the same treatment. This is the wrong phone thread to complain about locked bootloaders.

    That said, yes our mobile plans in Canada could use major improvement.

  • Tony

    Sony store at metrotown in Burnaby told me they would be giving $50 in store credit for this phone at launch. Still no word on the release date of the smart wireless headset pro 🙁

    Some other countries got the SWHP bundled with the Xperia S as a freebie.

  • Cheapplans

    Canadian plans are not horribly priced….you just have to ask for a better deal.

    This is what I have with Bell in Canada:

    550 anytime mins
    Unlimited incoming calls
    Free evenings and weekends
    Unlimited texting
    Unlimited Canadian long distance
    Voicemail / caller ID
    6GB Data

    All for 55 bucks a month plus GST. I have another phone under my name with same plan and it’s SHARED. I don’t know of any plan that comes close to this.

    • Lordsxo

      I have unlimited of everything that you said plus unlimited North America calling and international texting, for $35.00 plus GST. The real problem with Canadian moble phone plans is, you think that your plan is great, and so does everyone else that is paying more.

  • Matt

    Just the Sony store by my work, the phone will be locked to Rogers. Phone will Only be sold at the Sony store.

  • candy287

    I’ll say it ……


    thats it no more OS, material and specs talk.

    as long as its under rogers then you are screwing your self.

  • anjew

    @bummy FAIL!@!

    ICS will come out LATER THIS YEAR, DEAL WITH IT? LOL…….

    later this year can be december… and you know sony and their updates… its always a blunder.
    There’s a time gap between software refinement and production. Deal with it.