Samsung to open retail store in Canada


  • EmperumanV

    Glad to see that they are also picking up on this. I enjoyed the ones here in India.

  • David

    Please bring on the unlocked phones!

  • Rich

    The only store of this type that I think is truly viable is a Microsoft store.

    • Rob

      The Sony Store’s have been around for a while now

  • Marcus

    I prefer the Sabre store

  • Sean

    Please bring one to Vancouver

  • shaggyskunk

    Great idea… It’ll be even better, if the stores actually have a full selection of accessories for the phones, AND at a competitive price!!
    Come on Samsung, give Canadians a REASON to visit your stores!!

  • Tom

    Samsung’s problem is not selling things – it’s supporting t hem.

    If customer’s can bring broken Samsung phone’s to these stores for fast service then that would truly be a breakthrough.

  • artstate

    Finally! I hope that they have a full range of products, from laptops to appliances. I also hope that it increases their relationship with customers here; i.e. have a service center to resolve issues in person (like in many other countries)

  • 4u2nv

    I know this wont happen but I hope it opens in Montreal!!

  • Ron

    I saw some prototype concepts on these Canadian stores. Not sure if they are installed when these launch but they were considering cameras to track customer demographics such as, sex, rage, apprx age, and engagement time; very minority reportish.



  • Someguy

    I want to buy all my Galaxy series phones direct from Samsung stores from now on.

  • SkyDome

    If they also decide to sell unlocked phones there than it makes sense.

  • Matt

    Samsung already has a partner store with NCIX in Aberdeen Center in Richmond, BC. It’s a stand alone store front which has a bunch of Samsung TV’s, and other products.

  • XER

    We need Samsung to sell unlocked phones in Canada. I never understand why a phone is locked!!!!???? Unlocked phones are the way to go and nothing else

  • ruddias

    COPYING APPLE!!!! Everyone knows Apple invented the store and they have a patent for it.

  • Kenton Kiselbach

    Now a chance to avoid the Chinese useless garbage ,junk ,trash products that the Chinese are dumping on us fools.