Acer and Lenovo on track to launch quad-core Tegra 3 tablets next year


  • Frosty

    More choice can only be a good thing.

  • Androcanuck

    Pre-ordered my prime from FS. Can’t wait until it ships!

  • nick

    Storage is cheap. Android could compete by offering 64GB tablets for the price of the 16GB ipad! it’s dumb to sell these awesome tablets crippled by tiny amounts of memory when for $20 more they could give you 64GB or even more.

    • bob

      That’s what motorola tried to do with the xoom. 32GB of storage.
      The Transformer prime also starts at 32GB for cheaper than the 16GB iPad2.
      But since they have a micro SD slot, the 64GB version isn’t worth it.

  • Mike

    Oooo 2GB of RAM?! Ok, but probably doesn’t have an awesome keyboard dock like the Prime 😛

  • Jim

    Still going to get the Prime and keyboard when it launches. Didn’t pre order in hopes of getting the day it arrives. Don’t like doing the waiting game with what might or might not be coming. The original asus pad was very well done and one can only assume the prime will follow that success. Hopefully the 5th is the day it arrives.

  • Dex

    I think Powerful android tables will start to steal market share from Netbooks/Laptops as well as the ipad, yet the ipad will remain the overall tablet leader.

    But tablet ownership has taught me that Tablets are frivolous toys for browsing / movies and whatnot. So i think tablets with keyboards are a great idea.

    I’ll be waiting for a Transformer Slate Prime. or whatever they end up calling it.

  • Koni

    Advertising probably plays a roll in this as well. I would like to see how much Apple spends on advertising compared to others? To me it seems that there are more Apple commercials out there, especially on TV…

  • Peters~

    I have the Asus EEE pad Transformer. In my opinion its the best Android based OS Tablet.

  • Garry

    You hit it dead on, until these tablets will be about $250 nobody is going to buy them. One thing you don’t mention is what is going to be the price of the duo core tablets after the quads come in. I would think that Asus and the like will reduce the price of the Duo’s to $250 then. That would cause a significant increase in sales in my opinion. The problem with the tablets is that people are used to paying $200-300 for 10″ netbooks and really don’t want to pay any more for a system which is probably functionally less powerful but much more cool. People who buy cool computers buy apple, the rest of use wait for the regular stuff at a much discounted price. Although Asus did try and sell its netbooks originally at $550( believe me I bought one) it
    didn’t succeed to maintain that price for very long.
    I predict that the tablets will go the way of the netbooks, sooner or later. Lets hope sooner!

  • Atsen

    I’m sure tablets are here to stay until they get displaced by the next big thing that can offer up better viewing space than a cellphone. And as we can see from Apple, Google, and Asus, that it’s all about the software and the hardware being offered.

    In just a few months the Prime will be outmatched by the next big thing… it almost has me living in fear of buying a tablet now (was looking at the dual-core Galaxy Tab 7.7, and this would have been my first time), only to have it horribly outclassed by something better (the Prime), which in turn *may* be outclassed in a few months by uber quad-cores… and then by the end of the year we’ll hear rumours of 6- or 8-core tablets!

    I just want to see what Samsung’s much delayed 7.7 will cost now that it is old news in the shadow of Prime’s awesomesauce.