ASUS Transformer Prime shows an “Estimated release date” of December 5th in Canada


  • Malevolent

    I don’t see a pre-order for the 64gb model 🙁

  • Jeff

    like like!

    so happy we’re getting the same price point as the US…definitely thinking about pre-ordering this

  • Slype

    I’m in.

  • Gab

    so ICS actually comes on a tablet first… not the gnex

  • Tater Salad

    No, it ships with Honeycomb, ICS update in a few weeks (hopefully).

  • PureTO


  • Dave Dee

    I am totally confused here?? How can this tablet be demoed with ICS and yet product details show Honeycomb 3.2? Could this be a typo? I hope so…

    • Ish

      Honeycomb at release, but an update it ICS is coming soon after it’s release. I imagine they’re trying to garner as many sales as possible before the year ends. And yes, they will have my money.

  • nil

    Asus has promised ICS coming to this device very soon. They just didn’t want to push back the Xmas release or get a buggy pad.
    I would expect to see the upgrade before the end of January

  • daveloft lists it as available on December 12.

  • Matty

    Yeah, no, not gonna launch before the Nexus, sorry.

  • Eric

    Just got rid of my iPad 2 and pre-ordered the TF Prime!!

  • Jack says 11/28/

    Might wanna check into this.

  • Rick Whitley

    Damn, I wish they made a 3G (4G) version

  • Karl

    I pre-ordered on Amazon today (11/22) and this evening my shipping status has been updated to “Shipment 1 of 1: The following item will arrive after December 25, 2011.”

    Looks like the Wife will not get it in time for Christmas.

  • Ryan

    I’ve preordered but have a hunch that the date will slide. Not seeing anywhere else online with a date this early. I hope they can stick to it though!

  • NumberZero

    Looks like Futureshop sold out of pre-orders. Thankfully I already pre-ordered it before they sold out.

  • Dave

    I preordered from FutureShop but I didn’t get a colour choice. Hoping I see the grey one arrive at my door. Haha

    • Ryan

      It’ll be the grey one, I noticed it in the model number on the site -GR I think it was… Strange they don’t offer both sizes & colours though.

  • David

    Amazon has it listed as decmber 16th

  • Rafik

    Already ordered it from memory express.
    Hope we’ll get it soon

  • Willy

    Future Shop and Best Buy are already SOLD OUT on their pre-orders for the ASUS PRIME. The word among retailers is the champagne color PRIME is NOT being sold in North America “at this time” which is a huge disappointment since ASUS hyped the two color choice and now can’t deliver. ASUS has put out information and preorders are being taken but they are going to be a lot of unhappy campers when they find out they can’t get their PRIME in the color they wanted or get it at all maybe anytime soon. Stay tuned.

  • Kev

    According to my BestBuy pre-order status for the Prime, “It is awaiting the release date: Dec. 22, 2011” That could mean I will have it on the 22nd or it will be shipped on the 22nd. I can’t wait that long x.x

  • Richard

    Most of the Canadian retailers selling the Transformer Prime have now marked it “sold out” and removed the button for buying it. Amazon still have the button but now have an estimated release date of January 31st 2012. In the meantime US retailers have started cancelling pre-orders due to lack of supply. Seems like a pretty messy launch.