Lenovo to release 10.1″ 1.6Ghz Tegra 3 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich by end of 2011?


  • Sean

    I really hope Asus includes the two gigs of ram… I love the transformer line…

    • David Dee

      Specs on the Asus Transformer 2 are showing 1gb of ram which I think is weak given what this chipset could offer. It will be interesting to see the weight, dimension and cost comparison of this device to the Transformer 2.

    • bob

      It won’t. But it will still be the best tablet when it will come out.

  • Marc

    Waaa, that is fast! But what is a quad-core 3 processor?

    • howitzer

      Tegra 3 is the name of the chipset

  • Danny

    2GB of RAM will get rid of most the choppiness I say. Not sure why they haven’t gone to 2GB ram sooner!

    • turtle

      Simple, all android specs up to and including honeycomb, specify max 1gb of memory. Hence it’s an o/s limitation. It’s unclear what max ram ics will support.

  • passerby


  • John

    Good! The faster more devices come out, the faster this tablet-fad will fade.

  • Stephen

    As long as they update my Thinkpad Tablet with all software improvements I won’t miss the new hardware…

  • Jake

    The tegra 3 is the successor to the tegra 2. The tegra 3 is a quad core processor.

  • bob

    I call bullshit on that 1.6 GHz clock frequency.

    • Dimitri K.

      How do you call bullshit on that tho :/ You have not used it so i really doubt you can call bullshit on that. You do realize that new phones / tablets will come out with higher end dual-core & quad-core processors..

      Technology is going higher for the phone sections & tablet sections. This is just the beginning.

    • bob

      Well Nvidia said that their Tegra 3 would be 1.3 GHz when all 4 cores are active, and 1.4 GHz with a single core.

      I don’t think Lenovo will overclock it.

  • They see me Trollin’, they Hatin’

    HAHA, tegra 2 was a fail.
    They couldn’t make it works because they’re too lazy to optimize it.
    Imagine tegra 3 ? FINALLY honeycomb with no lag ? HAHAHA

  • highpants=P

    Well androidandme called BS. Here is a quote on their reason:

    “With a Tegra 3 clocked at 1.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, this should be the fastest quad-core device we’ve seen yet. Both of those specs are a little suspect though. Engadget says the DDR3 RAM is clocked at 1600 MHz and the Tegra 3 product page says it supports DDR3 speeds up to 1500 MHz. The Transformer Prime also runs at 1.3 GHz in quad-core mode and up to 1.4 GHz in single-core mode, so it’s surprising to see Lenovo offer a device at 1.6 GHz.”

    Makes sense to me.

  • James

    The 2gb of RAM is a desirable specification which is where the ASUS PRIME appeared weak making the Lenovo worth waiting for instead of jumping on the ASUS Prime bandwagon.