This week’s top tech news: GTA VI, GameStop, and Gemini AI

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This week had a ton of news, from Google’ launching its GPT-4 competitor, Gemini, to the GTA VI trailer finally dropping. Fortnite launched a new Lego variant, and the Competition Bureau is looking into Rogers’ ‘Infinite’ plans.


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Vice City is back 🦩
Google unveiled its GPT-4 competitor Gemini this week. The new foundation model now powers some Google experiences and will come to more in the following weeks and months. Gemini is behind big improvements to Bard (which isn't available in Canada) and is now on the Pixel 8 Pro, powering some new features (which will be available in Canada).
Walmart Canada will also launch a "store of the future" concept in Mississauga, Ontario, which will showcase the latest innovations in retail technology.
Begun, the Boxing Day deals have.
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