GameStop rumoured to end its current loyalty program in Canada

It's unclear if the program is ending entirely or if it's just relaunching


A credible source says that GameStop is ending its loyalty program in Canada. This news comes from the well-known Canadian X (formerly Twitter) user Lbabinz.

Lbabinz sourced a tweet from @voiceofthegamer, who says communications from corporate indicate GameStop is no longer accepting renewals and that memberships will continue until they end (possibly in preparation for the launch of a new program).

GameStop’s Edge Rewards program lets shoppers collect points on every purchase and every time they trade at GameStop. The program was also available when GameStop was EB Games in Canada.

It’s worth noting that GameStop Canada has confirmed it’s working on a new version of its Edge program. With this in mind, GameStop may continue to offer a loyalty program (it’ll just be different).

MobileSyrup has reached out to GameStop for further information.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Lbabinz

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