Even thieves don’t want Android phones

"We don't want this," said the thieves as they returned the stolen Android device

Android 14

Is the above headline trolling? Definitely. Is there probably a bit of truth to it? Yup.

According to ABC7 (via 9to5Mac), a Washington D.C. man was recently the victim of an armed robbery where the thieves stole “everything he had in his pockets,” including, as you may have already guessed, his smartphone.

Here’s where things get a little wacky.

According to the story, the man finished work in the early morning and was in the process of moving his family’s cars around in front of his home when “two masked gentlemen” armed with guns approached him.

They proceeded to take his truck keys and his smartphone, but before driving off, handed his smartphone back, stating, “we don’t want this. I thought it was an iPhone,” according to ABC7‘s report. It’s unclear if the thieves just aren’t fans of Android devices (maybe it was a low-end device?) or if they were savvy enough to be aware that iPhones typically have better resell value. It’s also unclear what smartphone the thieves returned.

The incident lasted only a few seconds but unfortunately impacted the man’s family significantly as his partner says she drives for Instacart and Uber Eats as her main employment.

Is this story true? Who knows, but ABC7 is a real Washington-based news station. One thing is for sure: even thieves care about the importance of blue bubbles (it’s unclear if they’re aware RCS is coming to Apple’s iPhone).

As of Q3 2023, Apple holds roughly 58 percent of the Canadian market, followed by Samsung at roughly 26 percent and several other Android manufacturers, including Google, Huawei and more in single-digit percentages (via Statista).

Source: ABC7 Via: 9to5Mac

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