Fido, Virgin, Koodo launch new 50GB plans

The plans aren't as good as the recent Black Friday deals

Virgin Plus, Koodo and Fido logos on smartphones.

Over the weekend, Fido, Virgin Plus and Koodo launched new 50GB plans, though it’s worth noting these plans aren’t nearly as good as the $34/50GB Black Friday plans that ended recently.

Virgin and Fido both have $50/mo 50GB plans offering 4G LTE data, while Koodo’s plan is $55/mo for the same amount of data, but it’s 5G instead.

Virgin’s plan is only available for new activations. The provider limits 4G speed to 150Mbps and further restricts video streaming to 480p quality when using the Virgin network. The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, and international texting when sent from Canada.

You can learn more here.

Fido’s plan is actually $55/mo, but customers who sign up for automatic payments will get the $50/mo price. It also limits 4G LTE data speeds to 150Mbps. Fido’s plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting as well as international texting when sent from Canada.

Learn more here.

Finally, Koodo’s $55/50GB plan uses 5G data, which the provider caps at 250Mbps speeds. The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, but no international texting. However, Koodo does have a ‘perk’ system where customers can pick a free perk to add to their plan. The $55 plan offers premium voicemail, unlimited international SMS, roller data, or unlimited long-distance as perk options. Additionally, Koodo is offering three free months of Amazon Prime with the plan.

You can check it out here.

Again, as mentioned up top, these offers aren’t nearly as good as the Black Friday deals these providers recently had. If you missed those deals, I’d advise waiting for Boxing Day instead of picking up one of these plans. There’s no guarantee Boxing Day deals will be as good as Black Friday, but they can’t be worse than the current offers.

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