Carriers are finally offering some plans worth getting this Black Friday

We went from nothing impressive to better offers than 2022 in the span of a few hours

Last week, I wrote about how the Black Friday plans offered by various wireless providers weren’t as impressive as last year.

Well, thankfully, that’s changed.

On Friday, several providers rolled out improved plans that, in many cases, matched or beat offers from Black Friday 2022. For example, Freedom, Koodo,  and Fido all launched $34/mo 50GB plans, besting the $35/20GB plan from 2022 (Notably, Freedom’s plan includes 5G data, while the rest are only 4G).

There are also some plans that don’t have any comparison to previous years. For example, Koodo and Virgin Plus now offer 5G service and have $55/mo 70GB 5G plans. In 2022, they didn’t have 5G service.

Likewise, Freedom has 5G now as well, and it’s better than expected. It has some very notable plans, including $45/mo 50GB 5G with Canada-U.S. usage.

All told, we’ve finally gotten some worthwhile Black Friday offers from carriers. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely try and pick up one of these plans and lock yourself into a decent price for 2024.

For every carrier’s Black Friday offers, follow this link. For retailer Black Friday tech deals, follow this link.

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