Koodo’s new Black Friday plans include $34/50GB and $55/70GB

The $34 and $40 plans use 4G data


Update: November 25: Koodo now offers $34 for 50GB at 4G speeds instead of $34 for 40GB for Black Friday.

Telus-owned Koodo kicked off Black Friday with several improved plan options, offering more data, cheaper prices, or both.

Here are the significant new options:

  • $34/50GB 4G (previously $34/30GB)
  • $55/70GB 5G (previously, there were $55/mo plans with 50GB and 60GB of data)
  • $60/80GB 5G (previously $65/60GB)

These changes are all-around very solid options. And even better, these plans don’t appear to be tied to any limited-time price discounts like they were last year.

Unfortunately, many of the above plans are limited to bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers only. Those looking to get a phone from Koodo will have to pick between the $55/70GB or $60/80GB plans.

At the time of writing, other providers hadn’t matched Koodo’s plans, though it’s worth noting Virgin Plus already offered a $55/70GB 5G plan.

For every carriers’ Black Friday offers, follow this link. For retailer Black Friday tech deals, follow this link.

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