Fido adds $34/50GB, $55/70GB plans [Update]

The $55/70GB only appears when you buy a phone

Update 25/11/2023 2:08pm ET: While Fido is still offering $34 for 50GB. However, Fido’s plan involves more complex discounts and credits. The plan actually costs $39/mo but relies on a $5/mo auto pay discount.

Update 24/11/2023 2:28pm ET: Fido has also added a $40/mo 50GB 4G plan to match Koodo. However, Fido’s plan involves a more complex series of discounts and credits. The plan actually costs $50/mo but relies on a $5/mo auto pay discount and another $5/mo bill credit for 24 months to get to the $40 price.

Likewise, the plan also includes 30GB of data normally but comes with a bonus 20GB of monthly data for 24 months, bringing the total up to 50GB. It’s not as good as Koodo’s offer, which doesn’t expire after 24 months, but it’s an option if you really want to go with Fido.

Rogers flanker brand Fido is the latest to roll out a $34/mo 40GB 4G plan. It also seems to have a $55/70GB 4G plan in an attempt to match $55/70GB 5G offers from Koodo and Virgin Plus.

Starting with the 50GB plan, Fido’s actually costs $39/mo and requires signing up for automatic payments in order to get the $34/mo price. Beyond that, the plan is similar to the others, with unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting. Fido caps 4G data speeds at 150Mbps.

Fido’s $55/70GB plan, on the other hand, only shows up when you get a phone from Fido. Moreover, you need to select the option to pay $0 upfront for your phone and get a ‘Plus’ plan to get the $55/70GB option. The plan costs $60/mo if you don’t do auto pay.

If you go with the option to pay more upfront with an ‘Entry’ plan, Fido gives you a choice of $50/40GB ($45/mo with auto pay) or $44/20GB ($39 with auto pay).

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