Rogers offering $10/month plan mobile plan discount for BYOP customers

The discount lasts for 24 months


Updated November 24th, 2o23 11:30pm ET: Rogers is still offering the $10/month discount, but the carrier no longer requires customers to bring their own devices. It’s unclear if this will change after Black Friday.

The original story continues below.

Rogers has added a $10/month discount for bring your own phone (BYOP) customers.

The discount applies to all three of Rogers’ mobile-only offerings and lasts for 24 months.

Customers can access 70GB of 5G/5G+ non-shareable data at speeds up to 250Mbps for $55/month ($65/month without BYOP). After the allotted data is used, customers can access data at reduced speeds of up to 256Kbps.

The ‘5G Infinite Essential’ plan costs $75/month ($85/month without BYOP) and comes with 120GB of 5G/5G+ data at speeds up to 1Gbps. Unlimited data at speeds up to 512Kbps is available after customers use the allotted data.

Rogers ‘5G Infinite Premium plan is $95/month ($105/month without BYOP). It offers coverage in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico and comes with 150GB of 5G/5G+ data at speeds up to 1Gbps. Data at speeds up to 256Kbps is available afterwards.

The offer is available under the company’s Black Friday banner. Details on Rogers’ other Black Friday offerings are available here. For all carrier Black Friday offers, follow this link. For retailer Black Friday offers, follow this link.

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