dbrand launches high-resolution X-Ray skins that make your devices look transparent

These might be the coolest device skins and cases ever

dbrand X-Ray skin

Along with taking legal action against Casetify for allegedly stealing its designs, Toronto-based dbrand has revealed new detailed ‘X-Ray’ skins designed to make your device look transparent.

The new skins feature scans taken with a 450-kilovolt X-ray machine, taking the concept of dbrand’s ‘Teardown‘ skins to a new level. The new skins are available across 125 different devices, including iPhones, Samsung S series devices, the Dell XPS line, the Steam Deck, the Switch, the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 and more, according to The Verge.

You can choose between a ‘Dark’ or a ‘Light’ version of each X-Ray skin as well as a skin or a case featuring the design.

After quickly scrolling through the options, I think the Xbox Series X Dark X-Ray skin, alongside the iPhone 15 Pro design, are my favourite (I might actually buy the Xbox Series X one).

Check out all of dbrand’s new skins here.

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Via: The Verge

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