The best early Black Friday deal is a free Pixel 7 at various providers

The Pixel might be free, but your monthly plan isn't -- some providers charge more than others

Pixel 7 rear camera.

Several Canadian carriers went live with Black Friday deals this week. There are a ton of deals out there — check out our round-up of the best ones here. But one in particular that caught my eye is that almost every wireless provider is offering a free (or nearly free) Pixel 7.

Sure, the Pixel 7 isn’t the fancy new Pixel 8, but the two devices are close enough that, in my opinion, picking up a free Pixel 7 rather than paying for a Pixel 8 is worth it. Maybe the only exception is if you plan to keep your phone for a long time, since the Pixel 8 is slated to get seven years of updates.

Below is a list of providers offering the free Pixel 7 (along with any additional requirements to get the deal), followed by the handful offering the Pixel 7 for cheap but not free:

Telus – Pixel 7 is $0 down, $0/mo financing when you get it with a two-year plan (min. $80/mo 65GB 5G plan).
Fido – Pixel 7 is $0 down, $0/mo financing after bill credit with a two-year Plus plan ($65/mo 40GB LTE plan, $60/mo after auto-pay discount).
Vidéotron – Pixel 7 is $0 down, $0/mo financing plus $150 ‘Blackout Credit’ on a $50/mo+ ‘All-Inclusive’ plan.
Koodo – Pixel 7 is $0 down, $0/mo on Tab Mid or Plus with min. $65/mo 60GB 5G plan. Note: Koodo lists the Pixel 7 as worth $936 and puts that amount on the ‘Tab Bonus,’ which decreased over the 24-month period. The remaining amount becomes payable if customers leave before the end of 24 months.
Rogers – $0 down, $0/mo financing after bill credit on min. $85/mo 120GB 5G plan. Note: Rogers previously required customers to return the device after two years to get this deal.
Freedom Mobile – $0 down, $0/mo on MyTab with a $45/mo+ plan.
Bell – Pixel 7 is $0 down, $1/mo financing ($0/mo financing if you agree to return the phone after two years), min. $80/mo 65GB 5G plan.
Virgin Plus – Pixel 7 $0 down, $1/mo financing with $65/mo 60GB 5G plan. Note: At the time of writing, Virgin’s website wouldn’t allow me to proceed through the Pixel 7 purchase process to select a plan. Your mileage may vary with this.

Looking over the offers from various providers, it looks like regional players Freedom Mobile and Vidéotron have the best deal, offering the Pixel 7 for free on the cheapest plan ($45/mo and $50/mo, respectively). While Freedom’s new 5G network is actually not that bad, if you don’t live in a Freedom coverage area, you might be better off shelling out a bit more for Koodo’s offer with the $65/60GB 5G plan since Fido only offers 4G LTE data (and less data overall for almost the same price) while Virgin charges $1/mo for the Pixel 7 but has the same plan as Koodo.

For all carrier Black Friday offers, follow this link. For retailer Black Friday offers, follow this link.

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