Freedom, Fido roll out $39/mo 20GB plan for limited time

$39/20GB is a significant discount from Fido's typical $67/20GB plan

Fido and Freedom on phones.

You can pay $39/mo for 20GB of data at Vidéotron’s Freedom Mobile or Rogers’ Fido for a limited time.

Both providers added the offer over the weekend, which is a significant discount over the typical cost of a 20GB plan. Freedom normally charges $50/mo (including the $5/mo ‘Digital Discount’) for its 20GB plan. Meanwhile, Fido charges $67/mo (including a $5/mo automatic payments discount) for its 20GB plan.

Freedom’s website simply notes that the plan costs $39/mo for a limited time but doesn’t indicate for how long the deal will be available. Moreover, customers who get the plan with a phone can still take advantage of Freedom’s 100GB of extra data offer — learn more about that here. Unfortunately, for bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers, the $39/mo plan doesn’t get the $5/mo BYOP credit.

On top of this, Freedom is offering 10GB of bonus data on most of its plans. Check that out here.

On the Fido side, the offer is a bit more complicated.  Customers who sign up for Fido’s 20GB plan will get a $28/mo bill credit to bring the price down from $67/mo to $39/mo, but it won’t start appearing until “your 2nd or 3rd bill,” per the provider’s website. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to sign up for automatic payments and get that $5/mo discount as well.

Update 10/05/2023 at 9:06am ET: Since putting the $39/20GB deal on its website, Fido has changed it slightly. It’s still $39/mo for 20GB of data, but the plan is no longer listed at $67/mo with a credit to get customers down to $39. Instead, the plan is $44 with Fido’s $5/mo automatic payments credit getting customers down to $39.

The $39/mo 20GB plan is available to both BYOP customers and those who want to get a phone from Fido.

At the time of writing, neither Koodo nor Virgin Plus had similar offers. Instead, they both still had the $5/mo bill credit for 24 months that they first started offering earlier this month. Outside of the 20GB plan, Fido also still offers the $5/mo bill credit.

You can view Freedom’s plans here and Fido’s plans here.

Update: 08/05/2023 at 10:54am ET: Added a line and link to another story about Freedom’s 10GB bonus data offering.