Test of Alert Ready system to take place on May 10

Expect to hear the alert tone sometime on that day

Alert Ready

A nation-wide test of Canada’s Alert Ready system is scheduled to take place on May 10th. Canadians can expect to hear the distinctive alert tone on their smartphones, televisions, and radios, according to the official site.

The test may not be performed in all regions of the country, as Tweeted by Virgin Plus. Information is currently sparse, with no indication of what time of day the alert will be sent out at.

Following the test, there are plans for a third-party partner to conduct a survey on the results. The stated goal of the survey is to “help improve the overall Alert Ready system.”

Alert Ready is Canada’s official emergency alert system. The system is designed to deliver time-sensitive and critically important alerts to citizens of the country.

More information can be found on the Alert Ready site, including a sample of the alert tone itself. There’s also a link to the survey for anyone interested in providing feedback.

Source: Alert Ready