Samsung patent shows off ‘Galaxy Z Slide’ design

When folding screens aren't enough

Rumours indicate that Samsung has plans to unveil a few new foldable smartphones this Wednesday, but it also seems that the company is working on an upcoming rollable smartphone.

The handset, dubbed the ‘Galaxy Z Slide,’ had its patent submitted to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on April 29th and published on July 29th, showcasing a possible sliding handset from Samsung.

In its compact mode, the device would have a rounded screen on the left, with the display wrapping around to the back. The handset will also have a narrow frame on the side so it looks like two separate displays, but it’s actually one flexible screen, according to LetsGoDigital, which first discovered the patent.

If you want a more expansive display, you can slide out the display to create a larger tablet. From the front, users would be able to pull out the right side of the display, which can increase the screen surface from 40 to 50 percent.

LetsGoDigital points out that the screen is not supported by the housing when it’s rolled out. Additionally, Samsung reportedly uses some sort of “roller” that keeps a form of space between the flexible screen and the internal parts.

To keep the screen ‘wrinkle-free,’ Samsung is reportedly using flexible/elastic film around the roller. This technology keeps some distance between the screen and roller and prevents friction.

Further, the device offers a multi-link hinge technology, which will also help keep the display flat and wrinkle-free. The display is supported by a rigid plate to help the part of the screen that’s no longer supported by the housing.

According to the patent, users will be able to press a button to roll out or roll in the display. Although you’ll also be able to use the top-placed power button to activate the sliding mechanism.

Reportedly, the handset will also feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, and support Samsung’s S Pen, which further makes me believe that the Note series won’t return anytime soon.

It also seems that Samsung will put an in-display selfie shooter on the device and three rear-facing cameras.

It’s worth noting that not all patents come to fruition, so it’s possible that this handset may never be released. However, companies like TCL and LG (before its phone business was killed off) have experimented with similar technology, so there is a possibility we could see the Z Slide someday.

Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Source: LetsGoDigital

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