Photos of LG’s rollable and V70 surface, phones will never officially launch

RIP to the V70 and the unnamed rollable handset

LG Rollable

LG’s now dead mobile division was reportedly working on two new smartphones before announcing it would soon officially shut down.

The two handsets that will likely never be released are the V70, codename ‘Rainbow,’ and LG’s upcoming Explorer Project device, the unnamed rollable.

The photos were leaked by Twitter user @FrontTron, showcasing what the never-to-be-released smartphones would have looked like. Unfortunately, the devices’ specs aren’t included in the leak.

The rear of the V70 looks more similar to the LG Velvet and surprisingly, less like LG’s V60 handset. The phone also includes three camera sensors and a curved back.

While it looks like LG was making headway on its innovative rollable, unfortunately, the company confirmed to Android Authority that both of the leaked devices are no longer in development. Things have seemed to have changed rapidly over the past few months because back in January, LG said the handset would launch later this year.

I’m disappointed I won’t get my hands on LG’s rollable as I’m a big fan of smartphone gimmicks, but TCL is also working on either a foldable or rollable smartphone, so, hopefully, that device is somewhat similar.

Source: Tron (@FrontTron)