Koodo emailing former customers offering deals ‘you won’t find anywhere else’

The email directs customers to call in -- I received a $45/10GB offer with Koodo and another $55/20GB offer with Telus

Koodo is sending out emails to former customers with promises of a “deal you won’t find anywhere else” in an effort to win back those who switched.

I received one of the faintly desperate-sounding emails, which kicked off with “We’ve missed you and we want you back.” The email goes on to explain that Koodo tried to call me — although they definitely didn’t — and after failing to reach me, emailed me a phone number to call so I could learn about the offer. There was also a unique code included in the email, but the rep I spoke to only asked for my name.

First, Koodo offered me a $45 per month plan with 10GB of data, which is significantly better than the $45/3GB offer currently on the carrier’s website. When asked if they had anything with more data, they said I could get a $55/20GB plan with unlimited data from Telus instead. I’d argue that’s a lot better value than the $80/30GB plan Telus currently offers.

It’s worth noting that the ‘unlimited’ plan works like Telus’ other plans — users get 20GB of data at normal network speed followed by unlimited usage at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps.

These are definitely some hot deals, although your mileage will vary. It seems that the plans are on offer to former customers like myself — if you recently left Koodo, you may want to check your email for a message from the company.

Koodo win-back offer

On that note, this is the latest move from Koodo in a long-running saga that started with a Bell win-back offer earlier this year. Bell sent me a letter in February offering a $55/20GB plan with unlimited data. I switched over to it since my Koodo plan at the time cost more and had less data (plus, I wanted to have access to 5G since it’d be helpful for my work at MobileSyrup).

After switching, Koodo followed up with me over both email and phone requesting I fill out surveys about why I left. The carrier also offered various win-back deals to try and get me back, although none of them matched or beat the $55/20GB offer. Koodo even offered to pay me $20 to join a rep on a Zoom call and explain why I left.

As good as these latest offers are, I’d rather not go through the hassle of switching just to get the same plan. At this rate, maybe I’ll hear from Telus/Koodo again in a couple of months with a $50/30GB offer, assuming they’re still thirsting for my business.

Update 08/04/2021 at 2:09pm: Added clarification about how the $55/20GB unlimited plan works.