Bell sending letters to some former customers with $55/20GB plan

Rogers offered a similar win-back offer to some customers.

Win-back season is officially here in Canada.

It seems several carriers are putting up great offers for former customers in hopes of luring them back. Last week, MobileSyrup staff reporter Brad Bennett received a Rogers win-back offer for a 4G plan with 25GB of data that cost $45 per month.

I’ve since joined the club, but with a win-back offer from Bell Mobility. Instead of a call, Bell sent me a letter offering me a $55/20GB plan. The letter included a SIM card to use when activating — Bell must have been confident about their offer.

The 20GB of data, like most plans with the Big Three carriers, is 20GB at normal network speed, followed by unlimited usage at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps. The plan included unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting as well.

Curious to learn more, I called into the carrier. A Bell rep confirmed that, unlike the Rogers win-back offer, the $55/20GB plan included 5G. Additionally, Bell said the plan wasn’t a limited promotion (as long as I stick with Bell and don’t upgrade my phone, I should be able to keep the plan).

bell win back offer

To my surprise, Bell also offered to waive the $45 connection fee and give me a $55 bill credit so I’d get my second month free — all I asked was if I’d have to pay the connection fee. It was pretty clear Bell wanted my business back.

Unfortunately, with win-back deals, your mileage will vary significantly. In my case, the letter included a promo code to give to the rep. If you haven’t received one of these letters, you may have difficulty getting the offer.

I checked RedFlagDeals to see if anyone else had shared similar offers from Bell. The closest I could find was Bell offering $50/15GB and $55/25GB plans in Quebec. Bell clearly offers promo plans in this price range, so it could be worth trying to get something from the carrier.

Ultimately, if you’ve previously had a line with Bell Mobility, keep an eye out for a letter from the company with a win-back offer. I switched from Bell roughly two or three years ago, so these offers aren’t just for customers who recently switched.

Update 02/23/2021 at 12:01pm: Bell is also sending out the letter to people with other Bell services that don’t have Bell wireless.