Rogers offering $80/20GB, $85/25GB promo plans

The $80/20GB offer is for new customers and hardware activations only

Rogers has two “limited time” plans available that give users some extra data.

First up, Rogers has an $80/20GB ‘Infinite’ plan. Typically, the plan offers 15GB of unlimited data, however, the carrier has upped the plan to 20GB for a limited time. Unfortunately, Rogers also restricts this plan as an offer for new customers and existing customers who upgrade their phone.

The other plan is an $85/25GB plan and, while Rogers lists the plan as a limited-time offer, the carrier doesn’t specify what’s special about it. There’s no mention of extra data or a reduced price, so it’s unclear what will happen when the limited offer goes away.

Unlike the $80/20GB plan, the $85/25GB offer is not limited to new activations only.

While not the best deal we’ve seen from Rogers — remember when the carrier offered $75/20GB plans? — it’s not terrible when stacked up against some of the other offers out there. Telus, for example, has an $80/20GB plan, but the next step up with the carrier is $90 for 25GB.

As for Bell, it has an $80/30GB offer at the moment, which beats both Rogers and Telus.

You can view Rogers’ promotional plans on its website.

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