Bell offering $85/30GB promo plan, $105/30GB plan with Canada/U.S. calling

Bell Mobile is currently offering an $85/30GB unlimited plan for new customers.

The promotional plan sits nicely between Bell’s $80/20GB and $125/50GB plans. An extra $5 per month for 10GB more data isn’t bad.

Further, the plan offers ‘unlimited’ data. That means subscribers get 30GB of data at typical network speed. However, instead of overage charges, people who use up all 30GB can continue using data at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps.

Along with the data, the promotional plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited Canada-wide text, video and picture messaging.

It’s worth noting that Bell is also offering a promotional version of the plan with unlimited Canada and U.S. calling. It includes 30GB of data as well but costs $105 per month.

Unfortunately, the $80/30GB and $105/30GB promo plans are both for “new activations only,” according to Bell’s website. That said, if you’re an existing Bell customer, you may have some luck getting the carrier to offer you a similar deal if you call in.

Alternatively, you could switch carriers and hope Bell sends you a good win-back offer to get your business back.

Update 03/05/2021 at 4:36pm: Rogers and Telus are also offering some limited-time promo plans, but frankly, Bell’s offer is better.

You can check out Bell’s promo plans on the carrier’s website.