Apple’s iOS 12.3.2 update fixes iPhone 8 Plus Portrait mode bug

iPhone 8 Plus

Apple’s iOS 12.3.2 update, a minor update to iOS 12, is now available for the iPhone and the iPad.

The update comes following iOS 12.3, the last major update to Apple’s mobile operating system, released roughly a month ago. Apple says that iOS 12.3.2 solves a problem that caused the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera app to capture images in Portrait Mode without a depth effect.

iOS 13, the next full version of Apple’s mobile OS, is set to release this September. There will be a public beta at some point this summer. Apple is also spinning off its iPad operating system from iOS as iPadOS.

In order to prompt the update, navigate to ‘Settings,’ then ‘General’ and finally, ‘Software Update.’

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