Rogers added 112,000 net postpaid wireless subscribers in Q4 2018

The carrier's monthly postpaid subscriber churn rate dropped to 1.23 percent


Rogers Communications ended its final fiscal quarter of 2018 with a lower monthly postpaid churn rate, strong results, and with over 10 million prepaid and postpaid wireless subscribers.

For the three-month period that ended on December 31st, 2018, total revenue was $3.938 billion CAD, according to the carrier’s fourth quarter 2018 earnings report that was released on January 24th, 2019. That was a six percent change compared to total revenue earnings of $3.731 billion CAD the same period a year before.

The telecom service provider’s adjusted net income was $585 milion, which was an 11 percent change from $525 million that was reported in the same quarter a year earlier.

Rogers said in Q4 2018 it grew its wireless revenues by eight percent, adding that it was “a result of our balanced approach to continue monetizing the increasing demand for data along with a disciplined approach around subscriber base management.”

The telco noted that cable revenue also increased by one percent, and internet revenue also grew by six percent. Rogers said it had added 25,000 net additions for its internet service. It noted that its media revenue also increased by three percent this quarter “primarily as a result of higher advertising and sports-related revenue.”

According to the company’s Q4 2018 results, Rogers added 112,000 net postpaid wireless additions for a total of approximately 9,157,000 postpaid subscribers. That grew from only 72,000 net additions reported in the same period a year earlier.

The monthly churn rate for postpaid subscribers was 1.23 percent. This is a drop compared to 1.48 percent from the same period a year before.

Rogers did not have any new prepaid net additions and saw a monthly churn rate of 5.85 percent. It reported that it had net losses of 139,000 prepaid subscribers in this past quarter. Rogers reported it now has 1,626,000 million total prepaid subscribers.

Rogers now has a total of 10,783,000 million postpaid and prepaid subscribers combined.

The carrier’s average wireless billings per user (ABPU) during Q4 2018 was $65.12, while the carrier’s average revenue per user (ARPU) was $55.91.

Source: Rogers

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