Elon Musk gets high and dreams of electric planes on the Joe Rogan Podcast

This interview with Elon Musk offers quite a glimpse into the billionaire's mind

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently sat down with Joe Rogan to talk about a wide variety of topics, ranging from electric vehicles to Musk’s busy life.

The most notable moment of the discussion is when Rogan hands a cigar filled with marijuana to Musk during the interview. People getting high on the internet is nothing new, but a major CEO that often has the media’s watchful eye on him, isn’t an everyday occurrence.

During the discussion, Musk asks if Rogan is smoking marijuana or a cigar, to which Rogan responds to by saying that it’s a tobacco wrapped joint known as a blunt. Rogan finally says “you probably can’t [try some] because of stockholders though right?” Elon responded with “it’s legal here right?,” before taking a decent sized puff and handing it back to Rogan.

Besides that, Musk also took the time to share behind the scenes information and wild ideas with Rogan. He discusses his plans for a battery-powered plane, running Tesla, The Boring Company and a few ideas and side projects.

The topic of the plane was one of the podcast’s highlights. Musk describes a design that is capable of lifting-off and landing vertically.

While Musk seems very excited about the concept, he admits that the core of Tesla’s electric car business remains his main priority.

Musk later became upset when delving into humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels. Calling it “the dumbest experiment in human history,” further showcasing his commitment to electric cars and solar energy.

Elon Musk has been at the centre of a lot of negative attention lately. He’s currently under scrutiny from the SEC in the U.S. due to his seemingly impulsive — and possibly acid fuelled –announcement via Twitter that he plans to take Tesla private. He also recently sent an email to a journalist claiming that a diver involved with helping save the children trapped in a cave in Thailand is a “child rapist,” according to The Guardian.

Watching Musk chill out and chat with Joe Rogan is a weirdly disarming experience considering how negative the news has been surrounding him lately.

Users can check out the whole interview on their podcasting app of choice by searching for ‘Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk.’

Alternatively, the interview is on YouTube here. 

Via: The Verge Source: YouTube (Joe Rogan Experience)

Update 7/09/2018 2:07pm: Tesla stock prices have been going up in smoke since the video went live.

At 9am on September 6th, Tesla stock sat at $254 USD, compared to $280 USD the day before. At of the time this update, Tesla’s stock is sitting around $260.22 USD.

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