Rogers and Fido offer $60/10GB plan in Alberta and British Columbia [Update]


  • Techguru86

    Didn’t I hear best buy is putting all the X money on a credit card ?so you’re literally paying for 2 contracts ?

    • orangedude

      You can pay $600 upfront for the phone or get a BestBuy credit card (Desjardins) and finance that $600 over 24 months. It has no impact whatsoever on your 2-year Fido contract.

      If you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket, might as well pay it upfront. If you can’t afford $600 upfront and prefer paying $25 more a month, you also can.

  • deltatux

    Is this offer available in Ontario? Doesn’t say which province this deal is available in…

    • Cam McArthur

      apparently only BC and Alberta. Ontario always gets nothing good for promos, besides the Public Mobile $40 for 4GB

    • Anaron

      Public Mobile currently offers 5GB LTE for $60 and 6GB 3G for $50. It’s not nearly as good as the offers in other provinces but it’s a lot better than what the other service providers offer.

    • Joseph

      Alberta doesn’t normally get lucky… least you guys have public mobile and videotron out east to offer good deals we have nothing.

    • Joseph

      Alberta doesn’t normally get lucky… least you guys have public mobile and videotron out east to offer good deals we have nothing.

    • Joseph

      Alberta doesn’t normally get lucky… least you guys have public mobile and videotron out east to offer good deals we have nothing.

    • Ricky Bobby

      I went into Best Buy in Woodbridge. Didn’t see any signs about this promo and the rep didn’t have a clue about this either. Not even in their system – so yeah, this seems like AB/BC only.

    • Rose

      Alberta and BC — apologies, the flyer we were initially going off of didn’t specify province. Post is corrected!

    • LJ

      Sucks!! When will the Big3 stop pulling this AB or BC or MB only sh**? Enough already!!
      Just give us a promo that is good throughout Canada, shouldn’t be as hard as they make it.

    • Jesse

      It’s usually only SK/MB

    • YR

      Just sign up with a BC# and then get a ON # ported in later.

    • LJ

      Don’t think it works with Fido that way. Have u tried it personally ?

    • Yorgo82

      don’t play the smart 🙂 they know that and they updated their system .
      and No one at all can fix it even for exception

    • Garrett Cooper

      Get outta here with your “pulling the AB BC sh**”, these provinces are never included. It’s always SK MB and Quecbec because they all have local operators. Just so happens that Freedom is a newer entrant who’s going aggressive, and they’re finally responding.

  • Aceclutch

    So how much for a IPhone X plan. I don’t get it

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Ontario always gets screwed out of these offers.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Ontario always gets screwed out of these offers.

    • fmradio68

      Ontario is the Cash Cow of the Big 3. Biggest market and highest profit margins.

  • vn33

    Out of all the provinces, Robelus probably get the most customers from ON, but yet ON almost never gets any deal 🙁

  • LarryD

    Nice for AB and BC for a change. Just signed up for the plan, moving from Telus. Sherwood Park, AB

  • GS101

    I hope people who live in Ontario realise that good price plans will arrive in Ontario once Freedom completes their LTE switch-over in the spring. For whatever reason Freedom decided to upgrade their home turf first in Alberta and B.C. rather then upgrade the biggest and first market they launched in.
    The BIG 3 are just buying time, They know that a price war is looming and they cannot stop it they are just buying time. If whatever happened in the U.S. is any indication for what is to come we are in for some good times.

    • southerndinner

      More likely Freedom will just increase their prices to match the others. The aren’t going to save your wallet

  • basesloadedwalk

    The saddest part of this news is that we consider $60 for 10GB a deal. Someone from the UK would laugh at our “deals”

    • Shorinryu

      Actually all things considered this deal is comparable to a UK deal as of last year. 35 GBP per month for unlimited or at least over 6 GB with a major carrier is a good deal. My best ever deal was with Virgin in England for 18.99 GBP Unlimited everything but they didn’t have LTE yet so it was a tradeoff.

    • basesloadedwalk

      You do realize that $60 is for the data portion only. You still need to add at least $50 for calls and text.

    • Shorinryu

      Then the article must be wrong because it states it’s a phone plane with unlimited nationwide calling as I would expect at this price. So for me to add another $50 would mean it’s the regular plan which makes it no promotion at all.

  • My girlfriend tried to change her current Rogers plan to this one at Rogers and they denied her saying it was only for new activations. What is with these stupid companies who screw over their current customers in favor of newer ones? That is the dumbest business strategy I have ever heard of and it is discriminatory. I don’t see how they can tell a customer they can’t have the same rate as advertised to someone else.

    • Jeff Leel

      Tell Rogers you are cancelling your contract and moving to Freedom or Telus then they will deal with you.

    • She was on hold with the retention department for 20 minutes and eventually had to hang up

    • MoYeung

      New activation or hardware upgrade only. Or you can port out to Fido to get the deal.

    • Jason Bennett

      Rogers said they will not match any offer from Freedom I switched to Koodo then. They kept telling me I get centre ice for free and 6 months of Spotify that makes up the difference in savings.

  • Theonesalmon

    First off, the cost to maintain and build a mobile network in Canada as opposed to that in England is much different.

    Second, I checked three different English cell phone company websites, and nothing remotely close to $30 a month for unlimited everything is an option.


  • letsGetItRight

    And that’s why I always laugh at three Roam Like Home “deal”. In Europe roaming across EU is free!

  • Baris

    Anybody knows why they dont offer this type of deals in Toronto? Ohhhh hold on we are happy to be ripped off by @Rogers in Toronto

    • Chris

      Even this deal isn’t good, we’ve just been conditioned by their gouging. It should be unlimited everything within canada for like $40 and they’d still have very high profit margins.

  • Ps

    I am paying $37 for 4 GB and unlimited everything(for me and my wife), with Fido. I got the deal when I switched over with me and my wife. Should I get this one? We really don’t use that much data.

  • ITForensic

    I got a call 2 days ago from Fido, offering to upgrade to 6GB plan (from my 2GB) for extra 20 bucks (for total of $90/months)… I had to say no as it is not in my budget…

  • Craig Minielly

    Bell wouldn’t match the offer, with the only solution to cancel with them

  • Dico0810

    Move to Telus from Rogers. I did everything over the phone. I have had good costumer service experience with Telus in the past, so decided to go with them. Didn’t have too much of a good experience with Rogers, so I was ready to move. They waived the activation fees and all that crap. I am in AB btw. I’ve been contacting friends that I know pay crazy bills for mobile, and also those that pay close around 50/month for 1GB ! That’s just insane.

  • zexco

    How many England’s can you fit in Canada?