Bell and Virgin match Rogers’ $60/10GB promo offer in Alberta and British Columbia

Virgin's deal is also available in Ontario


  • Cam McArthur

    Koodo has the offer in BC. AB and ON

    • Eluder

      Where are you seeing this offered in ON?

    • Cam McArthur

      koodos website, region ON

    • It’s Me

      Koodo is offering 10GB.

      Rogers is a 5GB plan with an expiring 5GB bonus.

    • Ps

      Thing with Rogers is that, in 24 months, something better will come out.

    • It’s Me

      If you cross your fingers and hope really hard, maybe. Otherwise, no reason to think Rogers will get any better in 2 years.

      Hell, given recent history, you’d be better to expect Rogers to raise the price by $5-$10 for those that signed up in a few months.

    • Stephen_81

      Rogers has an 40GB plan today priced what I used to pay for 20GB only 3 years ago. and their 2GB plan used to be $90 in Ontario, now it is $85.
      I’d say we are seeing competition actually putting some pressure on the plans, I’m banking on the $50/mo savings I’ll get now for 2yrs and then try for something again at that time.

    • It’s Me

      We’ll have to see how it continues. Since they aren’t competing in regions where it’s just the 3 cartel members, like out east, whether anything better comes along depends almost entirely on what happens with wind/freedom.

      My brother in Winnipeg was laughing that a plan he’s paid ~$50 for the last few years is going up to $90, all because MTS was killed.

      Thank freedom for these promos. If they fail or can’t afford to be as aggressive then our rates will get worse and worse…and those that signed the bait and switch plans will be stuck.

    • MrQ

      also koodo is 10gb forever, no bonus crap

    • Aceclutch

      Rogers and Fido are not bonus any more. It’s perm

  • GAMac

    Bell has this for Ontario also. I just switched too it. 👏🏾👏🏾

    • I just got off the phone with Bell and was told it’s only AB and BC so far. How did you get the switch done?

    • GAMac

      I called in and he found it and switched me to it right away.

    • Two agents, nearly an hour on the phone, and no dice. According to the agent, their system won’t allow non AB or BC addresses to make the switch. Was told to keep an eye on their site for an update and try again in the coming days 😐

    • redlow

      I was told the same after a while on the phone.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I got this offer from fido of 10Gb as an special offer and I signed with it here in Québec.

    • somebody else

      Fido=rogers, same with chat-R(ogers).

  • fuquyo

    Got the koodo one. I will avoid the rogers one like a plague because they have a history of increasing the cost without any notice after a few months. Have been burnt before.

    • somebody else

      It’s telus. lol

  • Emilio

    Just called Virgin, they said they’ll call me back as it’ll become available tomorrow. Ontario.

    • somebody else

      Virgin is bell…

    • Emilio

      Yes. I’m missing your point.

  • Aleksander Kristian Cartagena

    Was with Rogers for 18 years and as a current customer they wouldn’t match the $60 deal to reduce my current bill. Which was $80 a month for 3gb. All I wanted was to switch my plan…so much for customer service. I went into Bell and made the switch. Amazing customer service and they waived the $25 fee. Bye bye Rogers you need to wake up.

    • Glad to see competition in Canada, particularly in Alberta. New activations for Rogers would plummet if Freedom Mobile had better national plans, but even their best plans cap out at 1GB North American data then if remember correctly, throttled to near unusable speeds, billed at a $1 per MB if not in a home zone. Can anyone shed light on the North American data roaming for any of these plans? I would speculate that overage for local data would be billed at $25 per gigabyte, but that’s just a guess?

    • somebody else

      Freedom Mobile’s Everywhere plans don’t charge anything within the US and canada (check out and compare them all) while roaming. The non-everywhere plans, yes, usage is not included outside of the coverage areas (they aren’t little zones).

    • Techguru86

      Freedoms new plans don’t cover us roaming anymore I believe

    • Stephen_81

      Rogers just offered to move my $170/mo 30GB plan and 2 $55/mo lines to $60/$85/$85 so each line gets 10GB instead of sharing 30GB
      Old price $280 new price $230.
      in Ontario.

      You must have had a really crabby person on the phone, or had some demand you’re not sharing.

    • Aleksander Kristian Cartagena

      No demand. A request to reduce my bill by $20. Perhaps I should of called in to retentions. As I asked in a Rogers store in Victoria, BC. They don’t have munch pull. However time is money and Bell was an easier switch. Now to get rid of the blackberry as they keep boning their loyal customers. Enjoy your weekend boys and girls.

  • I M

    we’re being so screwed here, in europe you get 10gb for an equivalent of cad$5 a month

    • Herp Derp

      And Europe is the size of New Brunswick. Pretty cheap to deploy a wireless network there.

    • I M

      yeah, nice guess. Europe is only a tiny bit bigger than Canada, sure its “Pretty cheap to deploy a [shitload of] wireless network[s] there”.

  • somebody else

    I think you meant bell and it’s subsidiary virgin “hipster” mobile. OR just bell. Come on now…
    Then again, there’s overages adding to $90-$120/GB once you go over that cap.

  • Dico0810

    Does anybody know the datails of these offered plans such as: if it includes Caller ID, Voice Mail, any other perks? Thanks!

    • Eric Rabell

      I mean, check their website? All plans include unlimited texting, call waiting, conference calling, call display, etc.

    • Dico0810

      Thanks, just wanted to make sure.

    • englishinator

      Bell Mobility details:

      Loy BYOD 60 @ $60.00/mo.
      – Can-Can Text – Unlimited
      – .50 Canada to US LD
      – 10GB of Data
      – Call Display
      – Message Centre
      – Unlimited Canada minutes
      – Unltd Picture & Video Messaging
      – Call Waiting, Conference Calling

  • Plazmic Flame

    As of right now, these plans are being offered in Ontario by Rogers and Telus. Not sure about Bell.

    • englishinator

      Yup, Bell Mobility also

  • englishinator

    Just got off the phone with Bell Mobility to change my current plan to BYOD 60.

    Call 1.800.667.0123 to avoid being on hold for hours. i got my plan changed in under 15 min!

  • Jim T

    Friend signed up for this plan and just got his first bill – $85. Called in and was told “you didn’t tell us you wanted the $60 plan and this is what you ageeed to. The $60 plan is no longer available. Sorry about your luck.”

    He definitely DID ask for the $60 plan. The bell agent either messed up – or this is an orchestrated bait and switch. Ridiculous that they won’t fix it for him though.

    If you signed up for this deal – check your first bill closely.