Canada’s largest media companies reportedly form ‘Internet Piracy Review Agency’ to end Net Neutrality [Update]

The group would be called the Internet Piracy Review Agency


  • Lexcyn

    Absolutely disgusting behavior from these companies. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any worse.

  • William Cressman Sywyk

    I bet Rogers and Bell can’t wait to turn the internet into packages. They arent getting any cellphone subscribers so now it’s time to make that money by nerfing the internet.

  • Sandro

    Ok, but the day the cord-cutters will be allowed to watch everything (even HBO, owned by Bell in Canada) without a TV package.

  • Leif Shantz

    If this happens, I will move to another country….

  • Grumpel

    Government won’t go along with this, hopefully.

    • Carolina

      have you met the liberal party of canada??

  • Jon Duke

    I guess it’s time for Trudeau to back his words from last week and protect net neutrality.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Yeah good luck with that.

  • Ricky Bobby

    A non-profit organization where the Robellus cartel and the Cineplex monopoly can profit?

    Just like Michael Geist pointed out some time ago, Canada has some – if not the toughest piracy laws in the world. I had no idea the Anton Pillar order existed until Robellotron abused it last summer

    • John Lofwire

      A great example is the last Star trek series.

      Its came out in Canada in french and english and episode came out at same time as USA.

      What happened? i did not download them and just recorded them with my TV PVR the legal way.

      The piracy law should only apply to content not available in Canada that would force them to make it available legally.

  • basesloadedwalk

    Hey Pat Sajak, I’ll take the letters V, P and N please.

    • rick

      They could in theory block those sites as well.

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      Business customers use VPN as well.

  • John Lofwire

    Good luck lol those worked so well in others country..
    5 min and the block is bipassed.

  • Ryan Stanfield

    How about instead of trying to take down piracy, they provide content in a more affordable way… oh wait this is Bell and Rogers… never mind. And Cineplex? Haven’t stepped foot in their theatre since June 2016. When I see movies I go to Landmark Cinema and my local independent movie theatres.

    • basesloadedwalk

      Cineplex is the same company crying that they can’t afford to pay their workers/”slaves” $15/hr minimum wage. With how affordable home theaters are in today’s market, and pretty much everyone I know having some sort of decent setup, the days of going to a theater to watch a movie are very close to being over for the majority of people. Who wan’ts to go to a dirty auditorium, where your feet stick to the floor, sitting in a broken chair, paying for junk food that is marked up 5X, while watching a movie where inevitably someone else in the movie is talking and using their phones. Yeah, hard pass. Cineplex’s fastest growing revenue source is now coming from it’s digital signage business.

    • KiwiBri

      For sure.. Didn’t we get into this “circle” a few years ago, bluray was big and 55″ tvs.. Then I think some big films came out to draw people back out.. And Cineplex did some marketing.. Etc.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Nothing to see from filthy Hollywood anyways.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Haha…You and bases are hilarious. He hasn’t been to a theatre for years talking crap about ‘broken seats chairs and junk food’ etc. The food is what it is and I’ve never sat in a broken chair in over 20 years of going to a movie. That said I would agree the prices are getting outrageous to the point of making it difficult to justify going to a show but to read your comment about ‘filthy Hollywood’ is just as hilarious.
      I guess its better to watch ‘filthy Hollywood’ at home eh? Same f’n difference.

    • basesloadedwalk

      Don’t be talking about what I have and haven’t done or speak for me at all. The Cineplex near to me, which I visted as recently as the past summer, is very run down and indeed isn’t too concerned with the appearance of their auditoriums, and indeed has many seats that are ripped or have busted cup holders, and some even are missing the arm rest.

      So I have one piece of advice for you, because clearly you are a very ignorant t**t, and that is the shut the F up!

    • basesloadedwalk

      Don’t be talking about what I have and haven’t done or speak for me at all. The Cineplex near to me, which I visted as recently as the past summer, is very run down and indeed isn’t too concerned with the appearance of their auditoriums, and indeed has many seats that are ripped or have busted cup holders, and some even are missing the arm rest.

      So I have one piece of advice for you, and this is the shut your mouth. Clearly you are very ignorant and think your opinion is the only one that is valid. You want to make this personal, so I will too. You know who is usually the one to cast the first stone about being fat and not treating their girlfriends/wives well…the person that does exactly what they preach against. So go get bent you jack wad!

    • basesloadedwalk

      So first of all, don’t speak as if you know what I have or haven’t done. I have visited the Cineplex in town this past summer, and they indeed did have broken seats. Some seats were ripped, had broken cup holders, or missing arm rests all-together. Get out of your bubble, and think that your experience is the same for everyone.

      Secondly, the moment you resort to making things personal with the use of insults, it makes you look like nothing more than a pathetic nobody. We all know the ones who resort to hurling out personal insults in an internet comment section are in fact the type of people whom usually are loners, and the most insecure people you can find. Odd you mention how the cost of going to the movie is outrageous, yet all I do is sit on my “fat keister at home”, not doing anything with my wife/girlfriend, when it seems like you are the one too cheap to treat your own girlfriend to a night out. You sound like that cheap date type, that most women find so very unattractive. You know what they say about thou protest too much…usually they are the biggest hypocrites of them all.

      Go eat a snickers and welcome to my block list. I haven’t got the desire to argue with a person like you who exhibits pent-up, 5th grade playground bully tactics.

  • KiwiBri

    Lol.. ‘not for profit’.. Though they’re sponsored by profit focused companies..

    • Roger

      Sadly, it’s all about technicality…

  • Jason

    But they can’t? When it was announced that the Internet was a human right that also made it where they can’t block sites?

  • FirstLine

    > IPRA would also stand in conflict with Prime Minister Trudeau

    Don’t worry. Trudeau will bend over. War, big business, favours for the few and feels are the pillars of the Liberal party.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Absolutely. This is basically a done deal.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Fully agree with those that are speaking out against this today. These are greedy disgusting companies that make a mint charging us for Internet access as is and yet they feel they have the right to demand what sites we can and cannot visit based on piracy concerns? Yeah right. More like trying to block any content that challenges their supremacy in the market. I’m so sick and tired of hearing these guys rave on about ‘piracy’ and how evil it is when its really all about making a dollar directed to their bottom line. Even if a company started up offering content for a fee these outfits would find a way to destroy it just like happened with the last IPTV service they successfully neutered.
    I say let’s cut these guys off a the knees and invite more foreign competition here and then we can see how long Robellus will last with their present business models.

  • rick

    So let’s get this straight. Instead of modifying their business model and meeting consumer demand, their answer is to control and decide what we should and shouldn’t have access to.

    Imagine what the landscape would look like now if these companies were allowed to take this approach when music pirating was popular. If they did, I doubt there would be an iTunes or a Spotify or a google play music or any of it.

    Do the powers that be not recognize this?!?!?

    • ChrisPollard77

      No, they do not. All I REALLY want is something like Shaw’s Freerange – but WITHOUT the actual cable subscription. Hell, I’d be tickled if they just offered the CRTC forced ‘skinny’ package for $25/month where I am. But the smallest plan they have is $46 and isn’t worth half that. So Shaw lost my cable dollars entirely and I stream everything.

      (And no, they do NOT have to offer the CRTC required ‘skinny’ package in areas under 20,000 customers. Only in larger centers. Why? Who knows!! The only difference between plans is what switch they flip in their billing system – all comes off the same computers in Vancouver when you call ’em!)

    • Andrew P.

      The “powers that be” are playing to political ties, shareholders and stakeholders first and foremost, not the consumer. The consumer is just that – the one paying for the service or product. Their opinion or thought has absolutely ZERO bearing on business decisions up to the point that it will negatively impact profits. And even then it’s not for the true benefit of the consumer. Why do you think a consumer contacting any one of the Big 3 for any reason whatsoever will always involve an attempt to upsell or add features? Profits. Nothing else

      TL:DR #1 – maximize profits, minimize losses, and keep adjusting your plans and policies to keep it that way.
      TL;DR #2 – the sole purpose of any business is to make money. If a business’s goal is not about making money, then it is not a business…it’s a non-profit organization, or it’s a charity.

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    If only the smaller fiber companies like Beanfield have coverage outside of downtown. I would gladly get rid of even my third party DSL just so that none of my money goes to Rogers or Bell who controls the last mile.

  • Aiden Zahre

    If they do anythign i’ll cancel my cable tv, and lower my internet from max 150 down to lowest high speed availble and just stick with netflix. That way they get a lot less cash from me monthly. Hope everyone else does the same. Once their income drops by billions a year they will reverse their stance.